Here it all begins: a character returns to the series on TV

After spending several months on a construction site in Sicily, Joachim is making a comeback in “Here everything begins” to the delight of Clotilde. Besides, she risks making him a proposal that will change everything.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

In recent weeks, many departures and arrivals have punctuated the episodes ofHere it all starts. Between the national pastry championship which allowed the appearance of Swan (Cyril Durel), Marius (Damas Roy) and Reuben (Thomas Vernant) and Tony’s recent installation (Kevin Dias) in Calvières, the characters flock to the daily TF1.

Moreover, a character already known to viewers is preparing to return to the institute this week after several months of absence. This is Joachim (Janis Abrikh), Clotilde’s boyfriend (Elsa Lungini), who left for some time to work on a construction site in Sicily. After their long separation, the chef seems to have hatched a plan to keep the man she loves by her side.


In a new excerpt available exclusively on MYTF1, Clotilde receives a pleasant surprise. Indeed, Joachim decided to return ten days earlier to Calvières to find her. However, this happiness is short-lived because her boyfriend must leave already next week to honor a two-month contract in Nice.

Chef Armand does not want to see the man she loves leave, especially after this long separation. So she makes him a proposal that could well allow them to finally live the married life they want: that he become the technical director of the institute. After all, the school is very big and there will surely always be work for him. Without waiting, Joachim accepts her proposal, delighted to be able to be with her.

Here it all begins: a character returns to the series on tv
Capture TF1

Joachim is back in Calvières.

However, Clotilde’s idea may not please everyone. According News News, the head will submit the hiring of Joachim to the rest of the administration of the institute. And if everyone agrees, one person will nevertheless oppose the integration of Marta’s brother into the establishment.

As we can imagine, the news will not delight Guillaume at all (Bruno Putzulu) who will take a dim view of his arrival. After having had numerous disagreements with him and having done everything possible to discredit him in the eyes of Clotilde, the deputy headmaster still does not seem to have forgotten all the harm he has caused her by being the lover of the woman whom he loved.

Fortunately for the couple, Antoine (Frederic Diefenthal), Pink (Vanessa Demouy) and Immanuel (Benjamin Baroch) agree to hire him, much to Guillaume’s chagrin. Moreover, his help will probably be invaluable in supervising the projects for the master’s degree and in centralizing the rest of the necessary work. Finally, Clotilde’s ex-husband won’t have a choice.

Between his jealousy towards Tony and the return of Joachim, Guillaume is in a most delicate situation. And things are not going to work out for him, far from it, because the two men know each other very well. Indeed, they met five years ago when Joachim did some work in the company in which Tony worked. This information risks being a real blow for the assistant principal whose jealousy is raging at the moment.

So, what will be the repercussions of hiring Joachim? Will Clotilde finally be able to live her love story in peace? Will Guillaume let himself be carried away by his jealousy to the point of no return? Answer in the next episodes of Here everything begins.

Find Here it all starts Monday to Friday at 6:35 p.m. on TF1 and in replay or in advance on Salto.

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