Here everything begins at 1 year old: TF1 celebrates the phenomenon series with an exceptional event – …

To celebrate as it should the 1 year of “Here everything begins”, TF1 organized yesterday an exceptional convention in Paris, bringing together 27 actors of the series and nearly 1000 fans. We were behind the scenes of this emotional event.

Launched a year ago to the day on TF1 with the aim of capitalizing on the success of Tomorrow belongs to us, of which it is the derivative series, but also and above all to energize and rejuvenate the pre-access box from 6:40 p.m. to 7:10 p.m. , previously reserved for programs such as Welcome to the hotel, Here Everything Begins is now a challenge that has been met with flying colors.

With 3.58 million viewers gathered on average every night of the week since November 2, 2020, the daily soap opera led by Clément Rémiens, Aurélie Pons, Julie Sassoust, Lucia Passaniti, Frédéric Diefenthal, or even Agustin Galiana achieves excellent audiences and explodes the scores at the targets.

Whether on the famous “woman responsible for purchases under fifty”, the preferred target of advertisers, with 29.4% of market share on average according to Puremedias (ie double what the programs produced by Christophe Dechavanne which occupied the box previously achieved). Or among young people, who seem more than ever seduced by the adventures of the apprentice chefs of Calvières (yesterday’s episode for example achieved a 32% audience share among 15-24 year olds).

In order to properly celebrate this phenomenon Here everything begins, TF1 and Newen, the production company also behind Demain belongs to us and Plus belle la vie, organized yesterday at the Cité des sciences de la Villette, in Paris, the first convention of fans dedicated to the series. In the presence of 27 actors, almost all of the recurring cast with the exception of Vanessa Demouy, Elsa Lunghini, Fabian Wolfrom, Azize Diabate, and Pierre Hurel. And nearly 1,000 lucky people, drawn at random from among the 70,000 fans who registered for the contest organized by the channel.

Here everything begins at 1 year old: tf1 celebrates the phenomenon series with an exceptional event -...

An anniversary celebrated with great pomp

“I think everything is going well so far / Left by an indecisive heart / The impression that there is no shortcut / The race is over, I take my mind back”. It is on a giant karaoke attempt with the public, to the rhythm of the credits of the series interpreted by Gims, that this exceptional event begins this Monday, November 1, around 2 p.m., hosted by Christophe Beaugrand.

Obviously, the fans of Here it all begin gathered in the amphitheater of the Cité des sciences are waiting for one thing: to see their favorite actors arrive on stage. So, when Christophe Beaugrand finally calls one by one the stars of the series to join him, the public is unleashed, and Benjamin Baroche (Teyssier), Nicolas Anselmo (Eliott), Mikaël Mittelstadt (Greg), Catherine Davydzenka (Hortense), Clément Rémiens (Maxime), and Lucien Belves (Lionel) easily win the palm in the applaudimeter.

After a distribution of gifts from the very hands of Axelle Dodier (Kelly), Claire Romain (Ambre), Kathy Packianathan (Deva), Benjamin Douba Paris (Solal), and Lucien Belves, and the dissemination of a blunder that is necessarily tasty and d ‘a best-of of the most beautiful sequences of the series (including the emblematic “suicide” of Jérémy and Célia), several round tables with the actors follow one another. The opportunity for the stars of Here everything begins to thank the public, without whom the ITC phenomenon would not exist.

“We are so much at the castle, we tour so much, that we don’t see many people except the people who come to Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze”, confesses Nicolas Anselmo during one of the three panels. “On the networks, of course, we see a lot of things, but it has nothing to do with what we are going through today. To see you, to feel you, to take you in our arms. Thank you very much. ‘be there”.

A feeling of gratitude and love towards the audience of Here it all begins shared by Rébecca Benhamour, the interpreter of Célia: “It’s funny to see you. We are overwhelmed by the emotion. To see you here is huge. It is thanks to you that we shoot every day. It is thanks to you that we pass every night on TV. Thanks again “.

But also by Clément Rémiens, who entered the hearts of viewers more than four years ago, at the launch of Tomorrow belongs to us, and who confides a little later to our microphone to feel “very small in the face of the phenomenal success of the series and the enthusiasm of the fans”. But seems very touched by such a meeting with the public. “When we do theater, we have direct feedback from the public. When we do TV, it’s more complicated. If not virtually, on social networks. But it’s never so frank. . So, there, it’s great to see the emotion of the people, to see how the series touches them “.

Here everything begins at 1 year old: tf1 celebrates the phenomenon series with an exceptional event -...

ITC fans meet the people who rock them every night

Unlike most conventions organized by private organizations, which often bring together the castings of successful series that have now ended, such as Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, or The 100, and ask the public to pay large sums to attend, the convention organized by TF1 deserves to be free and to allow fans of the soap opera to share a nice moment of communion with their favorite actors. While leaving with several autographed photos obviously very precious.

After the round tables, and a privileged meeting with certain actors for eight fans drawn by lot, therefore comes around 4 p.m. the time for the signings. Divided into groups of five or six on five signing tables, the actors of Here it all begins lend themselves with undisguised pleasure to the game of photos and signatures. Without forgetting to exchange a few words with all those who parade in front of them for nearly two hours.

In the queues, viewers addicted to Here it all begins, most of them explain to us that they were first touched by the culinary universe of the series and by the important societal messages that it conveys through its arches devoted to influence, domestic violence, or sexual harassment in the kitchen, to evoke the very strong intrigue that has just started on screen.

“I like it because it deals with things of life. It does not show that everything is beautiful and rosy. The series deals with social subjects, it is important”, explains a teenage girl accompanied by her mother, also a fan of ITC. “What I like a lot is the school side, the young people, and the relationships they have between them. There are not many series that talk about cooking on TV”, admits for its part another fan who also impatiently awaits to meet the interpreters of Greg, Eliott, or Maxime.

And when asked what is their favorite character, the names of Greg and Eliott, the emblematic couple of the series, inevitably come up very often (“Eliott because we want to hug him. He’s super fun, super solar”). But Maxime, whom some have been following since Tomorrow belongs to us, and Teyssier are not to be outdone. All agreeing to say that the interpretation of Benjamin Baroche in the role of the big bad of the institute is quite simply exceptional.

“What we like most are the punch lines by Emmanuel Teyssier, who are excellent. I wouldn’t have liked to have him as a teacher. But we like to hate him”. Given the enthusiasm of the public which has not been denied for a year now, everything suggests that fans of Here it all begins will still love to hate the infamous Teyssier for a long time.

And while waiting to know if TF1 and Newen will reiterate such a convention next year for the two years of the series, happy birthday Here everything begins!

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