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25 years later, it’s time to get back on board the Titanic! On the occasion of the theatrical release of James Cameron’s film, Voix Ouf met Anneliese Fromont, the actress who lends her voice to Kate Winslet.

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, Titanic will be released in theaters in a restored 4K version to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Indeed, the cult film by James Cameron landed in France on January 7, 1998!

With 20.7 million admissions, Titanic is still the biggest box office hit of all time in France. On the occasion of this exceptional release on the big screen, Voix Ouf met the actress Anneliese Fromont, who has been lending her voice to Kate Winslet since 1996.

The actress, who also dubbed Sandra Bullock, Naomi Watts, Julie Benz and Charlize Theron, talks about her memories on the Titanic dubbing set.

She also returns to Avatar: The Waterway, where she vocally interprets the character of Ronal, a formidable Na’vi warrior. The latter is played by Kate Winslet.

Voix Ouf is prepared and hosted by Vincent Formica

Dubbing experts: Manon Maroufi and Thomas Imbert

Recording and editing: Marjorie Spinnhirny

Mixing and dressing: Ando Raminoson

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