Hélène and the boys: Hélène and Nicolas remember their complicated meeting

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the “Mysteries of Love”, Hélène Rollès and Patrick Puydebat spoke of their first meeting at the microphone of TéléStar.

Helene and the boys Helene and Nicolas remember their complicated
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Already almost 30 years since they met! Hélène Rollès and Patrick Puydebat, who made a whole generation of young viewers dream from the beginning of the 90s by playing the iconic couple of Hélène and the boys, nevertheless had complicated beginnings.

Indeed, on the occasion of the 10 years of the Mysteries of love, the two interpreters of Hélène and Nicolas revealed at the microphone of Star TV that they hadn’t really started off on the right foot in 1992, on the set of their first series. The main reason for their disagreement: the repeated delays of Patrick Puydebat, much less conscientious than Hélène at the time.

“I annoyed him deeply … and legitimately!”, thus remembered the actor at the microphone of Star TV. “Hélène was always very professional, whereas I was a kind of Zébulon who did not know her text and arrived late after a sleepless night. Then, as we frequented more technicians than actors, we found ourselves in the same evenings and it brought us closer. “

Even if the few tensions that reigned between the two actors quickly subsided, Hélène Rollès also confirmed that the beginnings were not obvious:

“I couldn’t stand him! I couldn’t understand him coming in without learning his lines or falling asleep during takes. He was wasting the whole team’s time. But since he’s a real good guy, we managed to get along. I reframed it and it worked out! “

Already in 2016, Hélène Rollès and Patrick Puydebat evoked for us these first memories of filming …