Heavy-metal band Iron Maiden offers two Pixar alumni for new music video

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Heavy metal band Iron Maiden has released the impressive music video for “The Writing On The Wall”, their new single. A video on which Mark Andrews and Andrew Gordon, two Pixar alumni collaborated.

Heavy-metal band iron maiden offers two pixar alumni for new music video
Iron Maiden / Screenshot / Warner Music France

When Pixar meets … heavy metal! The famous British band Iron Maiden have just released the impressive post-apocalyptic music video for their brand new single, The Writing On The Wall, a video in the form of an animated short film produced in collaboration with Mark Andrews and Andrew Gordon, two former Pixar studios.

Mark Andrews notably co-directed the feature film Rebelle. As for Andrew Gordon, he has worked on the animation of classics like Monsters, Inc., Toy Story 2, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Suffice to say that by interfering in the very dark universe of Iron Maiden, the two Americans radically change register.

The clip of The Writing On The Wall, on which the London studio Blinkink also worked, was initially imagined by Bruce Dickinson, the frontman of Iron Maiden. This video, which mobilized sixty people across thirteen countries, contains a multitude of references to the history of the group as well as a new incarnation of the character of the creepy mascot Eddie.

First Iron Maiden track in six years, The Writing On The Wall announces the 17th album of the British formation, Senjutsu, which will be released on September 3.

The impressive music video for “The Writing On The Wall”:

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