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Recently interviewed by Vanity Fair, actress Anna Kendrick notably mentioned the filming of “Scott Pilgrim”, in 2010, and a very special request from director Edgar Wright.

Released 12 years ago, Edgar Wright’s third feature film hit the screens and delighted comic book fans.

Adapted from the Canadian comic book of the same name, Scott Pilgrim followed the misadventures of a teenager camped by Michael Cera, and the beginning of his love affair with the young Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). But in order to be able to live his romance with the young girl serenely, Scott had to face one by one – like the bosses of a video game – the many ex-conquests of his sweetheart.

Anna Kendrick, who played the character’s little sister in the film, and who was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair, said that during the filming of certain sequences, Edgar Wright had demanded that his actors not blink. She cites in particular the first fight of the film.

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“There is a zoom crash [ndlr : un zoom rapide de la caméra sur le visage d’un acteur] at the end of the scene, when Kieran [Culkin] completely robbed my boyfriend. And we had to redo this zoom crash a lot of times, because Edgar [Wright] was extremely precise, he didn’t even let me blink. He won’t let you blink”said Anna Kendrick.

And to specify:

“At specific times, he would say to me, ‘A deliberately well-timed blink would be fine.’ It was very generous of him. He wanted me to turn around, react, have the zoom crash, and then say the line. (…). Bill Pope, the director of photography, ended up taking over and driving the camera and the zoom crash. And each time, we made up for each other when we missed the perfect moment. It lasted forever.”

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