Hawaii 5-0: plots planned for season 11 that you will never see

“Hawaii 5-0” is over. M6 aired the season 10 finale tonight, which also serves as the show’s conclusion. But before the cancellation, the writers had thought about a possible season 11. This is what would have happened in the sequel.

Hawaii 5-0
Hawaii 5-0
Karen Neal / CBS

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the end of season 10 of Hawaii 5-0 broadcast tonight on M6! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

After 10 seasons and 240 episodes, Hawaii 5-0 ended in April 2020 in the United States on CBS and this Saturday, July 24 in France on M6 by offering a beautiful conclusion to its hero, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) , who, freed from questions about his family past, ended up leaving Hawaii in the company of Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth), his ex-girlfriend. Certainly promised a bright future.

But this tenth season of the hit crime series was not originally intended to be the last and it was only when he learned quite late that the channel had decided to end the adventure that showrunner Peter M. Lenkov made a few edits to the script of the last episode to turn it into a satisfying final series.

Leaving aside some cliffhangers that were in theory to open towards a season 11, as he revealed to the American site TVLine last year: “There are a handful of little cliffhangers that had to be cut. In all there is 12 minutes of this episode that we haven’t used.”. So what would Hawaii’s 5-0 season 11 have been like if it had seen the light of day?

A new member of the team … and a return?

The first element revealed by Peter M. Lenkov concerns the new kid Lincoln Cole, played by Lance Gross in the last two episodes of season 10, who would have become regular and would have joined the ranks of the team full-time in season 11 since McGarrett asks him in the finale “to ensure the permanence in his absence”.

“I’m a huge Lance fan and think he would have been great as a new member of the team.”, confides the showrunner and creator of the series. But according to him, the continuation of the series would not have necessarily been done without McGarrett since he admits that in a “ideal world” Steve reportedly returned to Hawaii after “traveled the planet as in Kung Fu”.

“He needed a moment to breathe, so the idea was to see him go away for a while and then come back. And if we could have done a season 11 we surely would have shot the first two episodes without him.”, continues Lenkov. Because even though it had been announced that Alex O’Loughlin wanted to quit this year anyway, Peter Lenkov seems convinced that the channel and the studio could have changed his mind: “If the studio had wanted to continue with a season 11, I have to think that they would have tried everything to make it stay”.

Hawaii 5-0Karen Neal / CBS

Complications for Tani, Junior, and Adam

On the side of the other characters, a cliffhanger at the end of the last episode of season 10, deleted by Peter Lenkov, would have opened up a new plot for Junior (Beulah Koale) and Tani (Meaghan Rath), probable source of complications in their relationship. .

“Remember, Junior killed her ex’s boyfriend in Season 9 and Tani allegedly discovered that his feelings of guilt drove him to support Layla.”, reveals the showrunner of the series. “It’s an intrigue that would have continued in season 11”.

And Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) meanwhile would have seen his future darken and faced the consequences of his actions towards Kenji. “Adam would have received a visit from a Yakuza who basically said to him ‘What you did to corner Kenji goes against all of our principles and so we will stop protecting you.” Again that was a little cliffhanger “.

But following the announcement of the cancellation of Hawaii Five-0 by CBS, Peter Lenkov therefore dropped these openings to the sequel and chose to rewrite the finale in order to offer a more closed and more “definitive ending. “to his characters.

The trailer for the Hawaii 5-0 final, also available on Salto:

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