The United Kingdom is a famous country in Europe for being culturally influential. What many people fail to take into account is that the United Kingdom is also home to many haunted mansions and locations. it The country has a long history with many horrific accidents recorded Haunted places in the United Kingdom,

10 scariest and haunted places in the United Kingdom

There are some dangerous things hidden on some streets of the United Kingdom, which contain centuries-old scary incidents. Here are the top 10 haunted places in the United Kingdom that are some of the scariest places in the entire United Kingdom.

1. Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill


Pendle Hill is renowned among locals as one of the scariest places in the United Kingdom. It is known as the residence of the twelve cruel Pendle Witches, who were executed at Lancaster Castle in the year 1612. The bodies of these witches were buried in Pendle Hill and since that day, it is said that the ghost of these witches haunts this place. It is situated in a commanding position overlooking Newchurch village. On Halloween day, many curious ghost hunters and other locals climb this hill to witness ghost activities.

Place: Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

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2. Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory


The venue was previously a magnificent Victorian mansion situated in the quiet village of Borley. In the year 1939, a massive fire destroyed this beautiful mansion and since then many unexplained activities have been reported in and around the mansion by all the locals living in this village. It became famous worldwide as one of the most haunted places in England, United Kingdom after it was featured in the Daily Mirror, where Harry Price, a renowned paranormal activity investigator, stated his findings after visiting this mansion. informed of. Paranormal activity in this mansion was first recorded in the 1860s when footsteps were heard inside the mansion. Other unexplained and scary things seen here include two headless horsemen, the ghost of a nun, servant bell ringing, ghost carriage, bottle throwing etc.

Place: Borley, Essex, England, United Kingdom

3. Pluckly



The village has been described as one of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. More than a dozen ghosts reside in this village. Some of the haunted attractions in the village include the Screaming Woods where it is rumored that the hair-raising screams of the dead can be heard, Fright Corner where a man met his untimely death on the highway, among many other places. . This village is visited by a lot of ghost hunters throughout the year with the intention of investigating and reporting whether the village is really haunted or not.

Place: Ashford district, Kent, England, United Kingdom

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4. flask



Many party lovers must have heard about this popular pub in London. But, very few people would know that there is a scary history associated with this pub. This pub is one of the oldest pubs in the area built in the year 1663 and has seen many dark sides. Many visitors have reported seeing a ghost in cavalry uniform and they have also seen an old maid who hanged herself in the basement of this pub long ago. No one can really say whether these stories are true or not, but since it is one of the oldest pubs in the United Kingdom, it has certainly been a place where many accidents have occurred.

Place: 77 Highgate W Hill, Highgate, London N6 6BU, United Kingdom

5. Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace


Hampton Court Palace is over 500 years old, but it is clear that this historic building has been the site of many mysterious events in the past, which has given rise to ghosts and ghouls inside this building. Katherine Howard, one of King Henry’s wives, is said to have been kept under house arrest at Hampton Court castle long ago. After that, she was executed and since then it is rumored that many visitors have seen her ghost walking around the halls dressed in white and screaming. King Henry’s second wife, Jane Seymour, died while giving birth to their child and King Henry then ordered her heart to be buried under the altar. Since this time many people have seen his ghost wandering in the corridors with a candle in his hand.

Place: Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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6. Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion


This is a mansion in Gloucestershire that was left half-finished during its construction. When seen from outside, this Gothic mansion looks completely beautiful and complete but when one goes inside, it can be seen that many rooms, floors and plaster on the walls are missing. Over the years it has earned the reputation of being the most haunted place in the area and many locals and visitors have reported unexplained and scary sightings including a tall man in the chapel, a ghost living in the basement and more.

Place: B4066, Nimpsfield, Stonehouse GL10 3TS, United Kingdom

7. Tower of London

Tower of London


The Tower of London is an impressive imposing stone fortress in the famous area of ​​London. It has been home to many royal families and other distinguished souls who lived and died within the gray walls of the building. There is a man named Thomas Becket who lived in this tower and it is said that his ghost has been seen roaming inside this tower. Some people were murdered here in the year 1483, including Richard of Shrewsbury, Edward V and a young princess, and even the ghosts of these people have been seen. Anne Boleyn was beheaded here in 1536, and six years after Katherine Howard was hanged, this tower is still haunted by her ghost.

Place: St Catharine’s and Wapping, London EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom

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8. Greenwich Foot Tunnel

greenwich foot tunnel


This tunnel was commissioned in the year 1902. It is a famous tunnel that passes under the River Thames and surprisingly connects the Isle of Dogs to Greenwich. It is a damp and narrow passage and the whole feel and vibe of this tunnel is very scary and scary. The ghosts of a Victorian man and woman can be seen wandering in this tunnel. No one is sure who this couple is, but they have been seen in this tunnel several times in the late evening and at night. The sound of his footsteps can be heard many times in this leaking tunnel.

Place: Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich, London SE10 9HT, England, United Kingdom

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9. Barry Pomeroy

berry pomeroy


No one knows what ever happened to this beautiful and famous palace. Even now, by looking at whatever is left in the palace, one can imagine how beautiful this palace was once architecturally. Even though it looks magnificent, there is something very unsettling about this palace and everyone who has visited here has felt it. There is only one café located nearby and apart from that the palace and its surrounding premises remain extremely empty. It is rumored that a blue ghost of a woman lures many passers-by and visitors to the ruined palace and eventually the one lured dies. It is said that another woman was imprisoned in this palace and her ghost has been seen several times around this place.

Place: Totnes TQ9 6LH, United Kingdom

10. Athelhampton House

Athelhampton House


This terrifying haunted place is located in the peaceful location of Dorset and is considered to be the most haunted place in the United Kingdom. The great chamber of this house is inhabited by two duelists and it was once reported that a female visitor who came to inspect this haunted site encountered this pair of duelists who interrupted her by fighting. A series of tapping sounds and noises have also been heard from the wine cellar of this house. A gray female ghost has also been seen roaming several areas of Athelhampton House. While visiting this place one also hears continuous unexplained foot tapping sounds on the floorboard which is quite scary.

Place: Puddletown, Dorchester DT2 7LG, United Kingdom

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These haunted places in the United Kingdom are not for the faint of heart. Even when you plan a trip to the United Kingdom and you have to set aside a lot of time to explore all these places. What’s more, you can satisfy your scary thrills even while you’re on vacation!

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