Harvey Weinstein: one of his sexual assault charges dismissed

Harvey Weinstein had a minor victory Tuesday, July 27, having one of his sexual assault charges dismissed. Others, however, are still relevant today.

Harvey weinstein: one of his sexual assault charges dismissed
The pact

Sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault in New York State, Harvey Weinstein is now on trial in Los Angeles for similar facts on five women. The former Hollywood king has pleaded not guilty to the 4 charges of rape and 7 of sexual assault he faces.

A new trial in which the 69-year-old had a small victory on Tuesday. One of the 11 charges was dismissed by a judge, granting Weinstein’s lawyers that the May 2010 assault was too old and out of the statute of limitations.


The magistrate nevertheless authorized prosecutors to change their charge so that the prosecution could take its course. She also rejected a request from the former tycoon’s lawyers who felt that two other charges were also time-barred.

If convicted in Los Angeles, Harvey Weinstein could see his existing sentence lengthen by 140 years.

Trailer for the documentary Harvey Weinstein, the untouchable:

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