Harvey Weinstein: New Charge for Sexual Assault – Film News

Harvey Weinstein: New Charge for Sexual Assault – Film News

Former producer Harvey Weinstein, currently imprisoned in New York State, has been charged a third time in a sexual assault case.

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Currently imprisoned in New York State after being convicted of sexual assault and rape, former producer Harvey Weinstein was charged a third time by Californian prosecutors on Friday, April 10. The American is accused of having sexually assaulted in 2010, in Beverly Hills, a woman who remained anonymous.

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“We continue to build and strengthen our file”said Los Angeles attorney Jackie Lacey. And to add: If we find new evidence of crimes that were not known, as was the case here, we will investigate and determine if further charges are necessary. “ The prosecutor’s office confirmed that it had launched a transfer request for Harvey Weinstein to be charged. Recall that the producer was sentenced to 23 years in prison last March for rape and sexual assault.

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