Harry Potter: The Hogwarts Express Vandalized Several Times!

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Emblematic of the Harry Potter universe and visible many times in the cinematographic saga, the train called Hogwarts Express has unfortunately been vandalized twice. With a hefty addition of repairs …

Harry potter: the hogwarts express vandalized several times!
Warner Bros.

With its massive red steam locomotive towing several wagons where sorcerer’s apprentices and more rarely teachers of magic settle, the Hogwarts Express, which travels between London and Hogsmeade, is inseparable from the world of Harry Potter. He is even present throughout the film saga.

Below, for fun, the first meeting of Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Express, being on the famous platform nine and three quarters well hidden …

The train may be emblematic, but that did not prevent it from being unfortunately vandalized … In 2003, a car of the train was downright covered in graffiti, while in a depot in Scarborough, as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban turned.

Amount of the invoice to clear all this: £ 3,000, or more than € 4,400 at the time. James Shuttleworth, a company official West Coast Railway Company, in charge of the train, had let go at the microphone of CNN to have had “broken heart” seeing these tags …

Four years later, another vandalization of the Hogwarts Express. March 10, 2007, while in a depot in Carnforth, North West England. More than 230 windows were smashed with hammers, explained a spokeswoman for the West Coast Railway Company. Amount of slate, salted: almost £ 50,000 (or at the current conversion rate over € 58,000) to repair the damage. It hurts…

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