Harry Potter: Elder Dudley, Harry Melling, in 4 films and series on Netflix

Harry Melling is not just the unforgettable Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter saga. The actor makes a dazzling return to the front of the stage with interesting compositions. He also appears in four Netflix productions.

Harry potter: elder dudley, harry melling, in 4 films and series on netflix

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

What is it about ? Buster Scruggs’ Ballad is a six-part anthology western featuring legends of the Wild West. Each chapter is devoted to a different history of the American West.

In 2018, the Coen brothers released a western film like no other for Netflix. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs tells 6 independent stories set in the Old West. In the cast Tim Blake Nelson, James Franco, Liam Neeson but also and especially Harry Melling. The actor, who appears in the third part, lends his features to Harrison, a comedian playing a single-on-stage each evening in front of an increasingly sparse audience. A role that changes from the unbearable Dudley.

The Old Guard

What is it about ? A tight-knit band of immortal mercenaries, led by the fearsome Andy, have fought for centuries to protect humans. But as the group embark on a most perilous mission, their extraordinary powers are suddenly revealed.

Harry Melling is making a comeback in 2020 by appearing in three Netflix productions. First in The Old Guard, summer blockbuster worn by Charlize Theron. The actor changes register and this time lends his features to the antagonist, Merrick, a scientist who dreams of getting his hands on these Immortals for the purposes of science. If on paper his intentions are laudable, his methods are a little less so …

The devil all the time

What is it about ? Knockemstiff, Ohio. Faced with his dying wife, a desperate man, Willard Russell, tries everything for everything. He turns to religion. His prayers will gradually resemble sacrifices of which Arvin, the couple’s son, could be the ultimate offering …

Last September, Antonio Campos’ feature film created a surprise thanks in particular to a quality cast (Tom holland, Robert pattinson, Bill Skarsgard…), a slow and sticky atmosphere and a story that takes you in the guts. Harry Melling offers himself a short but noticeable appearance. He plays an obscure preacher on the verge of madness, who does not hesitate to cover himself in spiders to prove to his community that he has been touched by God. Melling delivers here a fair and powerful performance.

The Lady’s Game

What is it about ? In the middle of the Cold War, the journey of eight to twenty-two years of a young orphan chess prodigy, Beth Harmon. While battling an addiction, she will put everything in place to become the greatest chess player in the world.

Between two films Harry Melling took the time to shoot in the new Netflix production called The Lady’s Game. This mini-series created by Scott Frank (Goldless) and carried by the brilliant Anya Taylor-Joy was acclaimed by the press and spectators for its polished aesthetic and the acting. Our actor plays here the American chess player and Kentucky champion Harry Beltik who will meet the prodigy Beth Harmon on his way. At first contemptuous of his opponent, he will gradually understand her potential and support her by subsequently becoming her friend, lover and trainer. What once again destroy its image and attract the sympathy of the public.

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