Harry Potter: a series in development at HBO Max?

After eight films, a play and a spin-off, JK Rowland’s universe is set to expand again with a live-action series for the HBO Max platform.

Warner Bros. Pictures

While the first opus celebrates its 20 years in 2021 – and already 10 years for the last film -, the saga Harry potter is not about to disappear from the screens. As reported The Hollywood Reporter, a television series is said to have entered development at Warner Bros. and HBO Max. The studios formally deny the information, yet the American media claims that producers have hired “many conversations“to start the project.

These first meetings would aim to find leads with potential screenwriters. At the moment, no name is attached to the production and there is no information to confirm whether this series could be a direct sequel to the original novels, such as the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, or a spin-off, like the Fantastic Beasts franchise, the third film of which is currently filming.

This announcement, if confirmed, comes as no surprise. Harry potter is a real war machine for Warner Bros. Studios. Considered one of the most lucrative in the history of cinema, the franchise has raised over $ 8 billion worldwide for its first 8 films and nearly $ 1.5 billion for the two opus of Fantastic animals. Tainted by various controversies for her transphobic remarks, the author and screenwriter JK Rowling still remains the sole holder of the rights toHarry potter and should logically take part in this new project.

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