Happy Feet on France 4: who are the French voices?

The animated film Happy Feet 4 is broadcast tonight on France 4. Did you recognize the famous actors who lend their voices to the heroes?

Directed by George Miller – whose first animated film – Judy Morris and Warren Coleman, Happy Feet follows Mumble, a young penguin unable to sing. His passion is tap dancing. But in Antarctica, it is song that you have to know how to master. Rejected by his family, Mumble befriends another tribe: the Amigos of Terre Adélie.

This musical film, produced by Warner Bros, was released in December 2006, almost 2 years after The March of the Emperor by Luc Jacquet, awarded the Oscar for Best Documentary Film in 2006. If we can logically think that Happy Feet is surfing on the successful French film, George Miller defends himself: “The film was conceived long before The March of the Emperor, and I am doubly pleased with the success of this documentary, which helped us to set up our own project.. “Fascinated by Antarctica, the director had long wanted to make a film about its epic dimension and the incredible way of life of penguins. And it is a successful bet for Miller and his co-directors since Happy Feet wins in 2007, the Oscar for Best Animated Film.

Happy feet on france 4: who are the french voices?

Warner Bos.

And to bring these singing penguins to life, the directors called on a 4-star cast. If in the original version Elijah Wood doubles Mumble, it is Clovis Cornillac who lends his voice to the hero in the French version. The actor had already tried dubbing with Our neighbors, the men of Tim Johnson in which he played the raccoon Riton.

The actress Marion Cotillard for her part lends her sweet tone of voice to Gloria, Mumble’s faithful friend – dubbed in original version by Brittany Murphy. If the French actress is now used to exercise (she has dubbed 5 movie characters including Scarlet Overkill in The Minions), Happy Feet was her first vocal attempt. Note that the star of La Môme – released at the cinema 2 months after this animated film – does not resume the role of Gloria in Happy Feet 2. It is the singer Amel Bent who doubles the lover of Mumble in the sequel .

Duplication for Robin Williams and Anthony Kavanagh

Happy Feet marks the fourth experience in dubbing for the late Robin Williams after The Adventures of Zak and Crysta in the Rainforest of Ferne Gully (1992), Aladdin where he doubles the unforgettable genius and the animated film Robots in 2005. In George Miller’s film, he lends his voice to Ramon the chief of the Amigos tribe, but also to Lovelace, the narrator and friend of Mumble. In the French version, it is Kad Merad who doubles Ramon. The latter had already tried the experiment with Frère des ours in 2003.

Lovelace is played by Anthony Kavanagh, but the latter also lends his voice to Memphis, Mumble’s father, a role played by Hugh Jackman in the original cast. The latter is used to dubbing, before Happy Feet he had already lent his voice to Mushu in Mulan, Buck in La ferme se rebelle and Marty, the zebra in Madagascar. Since 2006 he has participated in 7 other animated feature films.

Happy feet on france 4: who are the french voices?

Warner Bos.


French icon Sophie Marceau, for her part, embodies Norma Jean, Mumble’s mother. The two parts of Happy Feet are – to date – the actress’ only forays into voice dubbing. In the American version, Nicole Kidman lends her tone of voice to the penguin.

Before lending his voice to the panda Po from Dreamworks studios (Kung Fu Panda), Manu Payet dubbed the Nestor penguin in Happy Feet. A role played by actor and producer Carlos Alazraqui originally. The singer Marianne James doubles for her part Mrs. Astrakhan, an Emperor penguin fan of Opera. Finally, the dubbing actor Vincent Grass – regular French voice of Timothy Spall, Tim Curry and Hugo Weaving doubles Noé, a penguin played by … Hugo Weaving in the original version.

Finally, five students (Dominique, Brice, Cynthia, Cyril and Gaël) from the sixth season of Star Academy were chosen to dub two musical sequences.

Meeting with the film crew

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