Handigang on TF1: what is this TV movie on disability with Alessandra Sublet and Théo…

Broadcast this evening on TF1, “Handigang”, with Alessandra Sublet and Théo Curin, is a TV movie that talks about the inclusiveness of people with disabilities. A high school senior, Sam grapples with the complexities of accessibility and adolescence.

What is it about ?

Sam is in high school like all young people his age, or almost, because Sam is in a wheelchair. He lives with his mother, Nina, who has always raised him alone and has devoted her life to him. The arrival of Vincent, a new student will change everything. He makes Sam aware of all the injustices that surround him and his gang of friends.

Together, they will create a gang to denounce the lack of accessibility and consideration they suffer on a daily basis. Far from feeling victimized, they want to raise awareness by hitting hard. Nina worries when she sees her son rebel because this “gang”, and the actions they put in place could threaten his future.

Monday May 2 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1, and already available on Salto


The year of the baccalaureate will be the year of all the challenges for Sam. The quadri-amputee student who moves around using his electric wheelchair faces many obstacles on a daily basis. Elevator failure, lack of ramp, very quickly, his accessibility difficulties are striking, even within his high school.

These issues of accessibility and recognition are central to Handigang. For Sam of course, embodied by the ex-vice world champion Theo Curinwho has already acted in More beautiful life but here finds his first major role on screen. But also by his friends suffering from various disorders and illnesses.

Handigang on tf1: what is this tv movie on disability with alessandra sublet and théo...

Faced with his difficulties, Sam is not alone. He is always accompanied by his band of friends, made up of Tom (Mathieu Hannedouche) hard of hearing, from Lilac (Angele Rohe) autistic asperger, by Vincent (Arthur Legrand) with cystic fibrosis, and Manon (Esther Valding). Tired of not having access to the same opportunities as the others, the group will carry out actions under the name of Handigang to make their dissatisfaction heard.

Throughout the TV movie, their movement gains in power and consideration. It is no longer just about accessibility in high school but about so much more. Suffering from illnesses, disabilities, disorders, all these people want one thing: to be heard.

Handicap and rebellion, Sam facing adolescence

Sam is an only child, he lives alone with his mother Nina (Alessandra Sublet) who takes care of him. They have a very fusional relationship right down to the actions of the group. Distraught by her son’s choices, Nina no longer understands him and wonders how he got there.

Communication between mother and son becomes very difficult as they both try to take control of their lives. Nina has always put her life on hold to raise her son, but she will meet Max (Christophe Heraut) which will change everything.

Handigang on tf1: what is this tv movie on disability with alessandra sublet and théo...

If Sam is no longer the young man she knew, the necessity of his actions and demands will touch her. Shaken by these changes, the mother/son duo will only emerge stronger.

Jovial and loving in the role of Nina, the former flagship host of TF1 Alessandra Sublet finds here her first role as an actress. After recently announcing her desire to quit animation, she is determined to continue in comedy: “He faut prove himself, restart from scratch, and I like it. I will never go back on what I said.” she explained to us.

This new start is already on the right track since an adaptation of his book Got the blues baby? is in progress for the channel. Alessandra Sublet is writing the project and will play one of the characters in this upcoming fiction.

The need to send a message

Do we talk enough about the situation of people with disabilities in France? According to Stephanie Pilloncathe film director to whom we owe in particular Learn to love yourselfThis is not the case : “We don’t talk about it at all! This is why, when there are initiatives, they must always be supported. And to think that if we don’t support them, there won’t be any more. Especially on big channels like TF1. It is necessary to talk about it. You really have to mobilize. We are a small thing, we have to take a stand, we cannot live without taking a stand”, she told us.

Inspired by the book Handi Gang of Cara Zina (published by Libertalia), this film is the way to show the general public the real life of people with disabilities. Without pathos and with simplicity, Stéphanie Pillonca continues through her films to show their daily lives and wishes to open the dialogue on their living conditions.

I tell myself that if I am given a platform and my films work, I have to do something intelligent with them, spread a positive message and talk about something that makes sense”, shared the director. For her, it is necessary to put on the front of the stage themes sometimes little discussed on our screens.

Handigang shows the daily life of young people with disabilities or suffering from illness, but it also talks about homosexuality, another stigmatizing factor. Stéphanie Pillonca is sending a strong message tonight, that of equality and sharing.

Find Handigang tonight at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. The film will be followed by a documentary on the story of Théo Curin.

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