Handcrafted DS-525 Tosca Leather Chair With Cloud-Like Design

Designers at Archirivolto craft magic with a stunning piece of furniture dubbed DS-525 Tosca Chair. The design was brought to perfection by De Sede, the Switzerland-based leather furniture company. The DS-525 Tosca chair is handcrafted and shaped into excellence with a cloud-like design. The multi-faceted furniture with its ergonomic design takes care of the seater’s comfort and gives the feeling of sinking into a fluffy cloud.

The DS-525 Tosca chair has a highly detailed design and an impeccable finish. The upholstered leather chair does not compromise on quality. To retain the product’s supremacy, De Sede uses the finest and premium-grade Napa leather. The brand stands diligently with its motto to use only the best material, which is fundamental for the longevity of the furniture.

The chair stands unyielding on trestles, giving it a heightened profile that provides firmness and balance. It comes with and without armrests, ensuring relaxation either way. Cushioned-back makes sure the posture is right without straining the back.

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The furniture comes in eclectic color varieties. It is lightly pigmented with a subtle impression of grain pattern for a modernized look. De Sede gave a contemporary finish while commemorating the genius of the traditional craftsmanship in the snuggly furniture. The DS-525 Tosca is a versatile chair that can be used in both residential and commercial settings with utmost comfort.

Image: De Sede
Image: De Sede
Image: De Sede

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