Halo on CANAL +: is the series faithful to video games?

Halo on CANAL +: Expected from April 28 on CANAL +, the adaptation of the HALO video game franchise arouses the curiosity of fans. Will the series be faithful to the spirit of video games? Response from producer Kiki Wolfkill.

While the American broadcast is already underway on Paramount +, the series Halo is about to land on CANAL+ in France. The live-action adaptation of the famous video game franchise, designed by the screenwriters Kyle Killen and Steven Kanefollows the adventures of the iconic Spartan Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) embarked on an intergalactic struggle against the Alliance, a dangerous extraterrestrial threat in the 26th century.

The series is eagerly awaited by video game fans who hope that it will be faithful to the spirit of the video game franchise. AlloCiné was able to participate in a round table with Kiki WolfkillAmerican video game developer, who evolved at Microsoft and who joined 343 Industries in 2008. Executive producer of Halo 4 and supervisor of the franchise for transmedia strategies, she is also executive producer of the Halo series.

A series faithful to video games?

And according to him, the live-action adaptation will take a different point of view from video games but will be true to the spirit:

“The HALO universe is vast, there are historical events, locations, characters, weapons and vehicles, a huge library of stuff, but when I think about what I connect with the most, just like this what I hear from fans is how the game feels. The spirit is essential and it comes through the characters. A character can look a little different from what we may have shown in the games, but what he represents as a character has to come through.”

Halo on canal +

But we will still have to expect differences between the video game franchise and the series, which could please or make fans cringe:

“You can see different aspects of it than you’ve seen in games but it’s going to add detail to what hasn’t been explored in games yet. And I would say the same of the experience. We offer a different Halo experience for players so they can explore the universe in a different way, but they’ll still have those core feelings through major video game themes.

We talk about heroism and humanity and the idea that humanity is not only at stake but that it is something that we are saving. And I think that’s always been the driving force behind the books and the games, and it was a sacred idea to preserve on the show.”

Steven Spielberg as a benevolent producer

Since the announcement of the Halo series project in 2013, Steven Spielberg was attached to the project. After years of development, the adaptation in real shots finally sees the light of day and the famous director has never let go of the boat:

“Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment were our first partners. And they really helped us navigate the Hollywood landscape, which was brand new to us, to 343 Industries at least. Because the project for the series existed long before 343 Industries Steven Spielberg has obviously been masterful and it’s so inspiring to be in the same room with him, he cares about Halo, he’s a gamer, he’s a video game enthusiast and he understands the gaming space. ”

Halo on canal +: is the series faithful to video games?

And Steven Spielberg played a major role in bringing the show to fruition, as Kiki Wolfkill explains to us:

“To have someone who understands and respects the gaming space and someone who’s mastered their craft in world-building in sci-fi and big-screen storytelling was reassuring because we knew we We were in amazing hands.

He was definitely a guiding force behind the scenes throughout the process. Steven would read scripts, watch re-runs and edits and when we had doubts and creative discussions, we knew we had to turn to him for consultation, so it was pretty amazing.”

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