Halloween on OCS: Get Out The Witch a spooky and bewitching selection!

Guaranteed thrills on OCS for Halloween: the annual “Choctober” selection has in store for you a program that should satisfy horror lovers. From Jordan Peele to Tim Burton, subscribers won’t know where to turn!

Halloween on ocs
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Horror specialist or simple spectator in search of thrills, OCS has prepared a selection with little onions for Halloween. With the now traditional Choctober program, (re) discover some essential films at this time of the year, from the great success of Jordan Peele to a whimsical work by Tim Burton, including a cycle dedicated to witches.

Get out

If Jordan Peele made his classes in comedy, it is in the horror genre that he distinguished himself in 2017 with Get Out, his first film as a director. Produced by Blumhouse, this feature film tells the story of a young black photographer, who meets his in-laws for the first time. But very disturbing events will upset this meeting …

Upon its release, the brilliant horror film won unanimous support from viewers and critics alike. Nominated in four categories at the 2018 Oscars, including best film, best director and best actor for the Daniel Kaluuya revelation, Jordan Peele won the statuette for best original screenplay, and thus becomes the first African-American to receive this award. Don’t miss Get Out to See and Review on OCS!

Also check out Us, Jordan Peele’s second film, on OCS.


In a style all his own combining humor, fantasy and horror, the filmmaker Tim Burton signed in 1988 the explosive Beetlejuice, his first great success, which presents to the public his very particular universe. Barbara and Adam, adorable couple of ghosts, decide to call on the bio-exorcist Beetlejuice to get rid of the living who now occupy their home.

The feature film marks the spirits thanks to the excellent performance of Michael Keaton as a sassy ghost, unforgettable sequences and the Tim Burton touch so much appreciated by the spectators. Beetlejuice also reveals to the general public a certain … Winona Ryder!

Vampires in complete privacy

If you are not particularly fond of jump scares and other stand-up sequences, indulge yourself in the delirious Vampires in all intimacy, a horrific comedy by and with Taika Waititi and her sidekick Jemaine Clement. This parody, filmed in the form of a mock documentary, follows the daily life of a roommate of five vampires in the 21st century.

In the French version, adapted by the duo Nicolas and Bruno (Nicolas Charlet and Bruno Lavaine), the film offers a very high-level vocal cast: Alexandre Astier, Fred Testot, Bruno Salomone and even Zabou Breitman. In 2019, it is also being adapted as a series under the title What We Do In The Shadows, still being broadcast.


To complete this ambitious selection, OCS offers a cycle around witches, these often evil, sometimes benevolent female figures, but always so mysterious and captivating!

The Witch

Before shining in front of M. Night Shyamalan’s camera in Split and Glass, actress Anya Taylor-Joy stood out in 2015 in Robert Eggers’ The Witch. For her first main role on the big screen, she played the eldest of a devout family confronted with an evil force, in New England in 1630. Among the spectators won over by this horrific work, the master of the genre Stephen King reveals to have been terrified of the movie!

The Craft – The New Witches

More than 20 years after Dangereuse Alliance, director Zoe Lister-Jones offers a sequel to Andrew Fleming’s film with her feature film The Craft – The New Witches.

On the bill, a new generation of witches takes over from the heroines formerly embodied by Neve Campbell and Robin Tunney among others. Power, revenge and redemption are at the heart of this story carried by actresses Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone and Zoey Luna.

And more…

If this theme inspires you, also find Dangereuse Alliance, Baba Yaga and The Witches of Zugarramurdi on OCS!

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