Halloween on Disney +: with family or friends, ask for the program!

Every year, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to scare yourself off, but it’s not always easy to find a program for all ages. Alone, with family or friends, discover a selection of films and series to watch on Disney +!

If for some, Halloween is above all a celebration that rhymes with dread and great chills, others prefer to take the opportunity to discover new mysterious and fascinating worlds or simply to devour sweets in front of a good program.

Whatever your preferences, the catalog of Disney + brings together films and series that will satisfy viewers of all ages!

On the children’s side

To share a beautiful evening with the family on Halloween, the platform offers many short and feature films suitable for a young audience.

Immediate embarkation for a galaxy far distant with Poe and BB-8, the heroes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in the animated LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Stories. Over three spooky tales, viewers will encounter some of the iconic characters from the famous franchise and the signature humor of LEGO creations!

In an equally fun atmosphere, young and old are invited to go on a trip with essential animation stars in Toy Story: Anguish at the Motel. This crazy short film features Woody, Buzz and their friends in a spooky motel where nothing seems to go as planned. As disturbing events follow one another, will the merry gang manage to leave the premises unscathed?

In the teen watch-list

This year, teens can travel to the other side with a fantastic new creation inspired by the works of famous collection author RL Stine. Goosebumps. Set in worlds populated by witches, aliens and ghosts, this anthology series combines the supernatural and horror in the form of captivating stories full of surprises. All eight episodes are already available on Disney +.

Christmas or Halloween, why choose? Unforgettable work written by Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas takes spectators to the small town of Halloween, where the pumpkin king Jack Skellington decides to organize the Christmas festivities. Poetic and original, this animated masterpiece is to be seen or re-examined as soon as possible.

For adults who are not afraid of anything …

Thanks to the many horror programs available on Disney +, fans of the genre will be delighted this Halloween!

At the start of the school year, subscribers were able to immerse themselves in the nightmarish stories of the American Horror Stories series, a spin-off of the success American Horror Story. Haunted house, deadly drive-in and murderous Santa Claus… Each episode has its share of mystery, blood-curdling sequences and very big chills in store for you!

Another essential film to watch on October 31, the violent La Colline has eyes. Remake of the film of the same name by Wes Craven, this feature film banned for at least 16 years on its release is signed Alexandre Aja, the French director who is also behind Haute Tension and Piranha 3D. The story of a family of vacationers forced to face bloodthirsty mutants in the middle of the desert …

… And for those who are real cowards!

Not everyone likes to scare each other. If you want to celebrate Halloween without needing a hungry stomach, here are two feature films you should love.

Rereading the great classic Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent offers viewers the opportunity to (re) discover the famous story of Princess Aurora from the point of view of the one who cast a spell on her when she was born. In the costume of the wicked witch, we find Angelina Jolie, very impressive in this role, who gives the answer here to the young Elle Fanning.

Cult musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a true cinematic experience that combines an offbeat and parodic tone with colorful characters and a rock’n’roll soundtrack. The film tells the story of a young couple whose car breaks down and who then takes refuge in a mysterious castle belonging to the astonishing scientist Frank-N-Furter…

Find all these films and series on the Disney + platform.

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