Halloween Kills: who is Tommy Doyle, recurring character in the saga?

Laurie Strode and Michael Myers are not the only alumni of the saga to make their return in “Halloween Kills”. There are indeed some characters including Tommy Doyle, appeared in several episodes.

In Halloween Kills, Laurie Strode is not the only survivor of the murders perpetrated by Michael Myers in 1978. Several characters are indeed making their return in the saga, and some are even embodied by their interpreters of the time.

Like Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens), the nurse who crossed paths with the killer during his escape from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Or Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards), whose babysitter was one of the victims in John Carpenter’s film. But not Tommy Doyle, who looks like Brian Andrews in the 1978 opus, and Anthony Michael Hall (Breakfast Club, The Dark Knight) today.

In Halloween Kills, he is the one who leads the revolt of the inhabitants of Haddonfield, determined to put an end to Evil and this trauma that comes back to haunt them every October 31. Even if it means creating confusion among the spectators who will have seen all the episodes of the saga, and in particular those in which he appears (the first, the 4 and the 6, then the reboot of Rob Zombie).

Because the opus released in 2018 is presented as the real sequel to John Carpenter’s feature film, and therefore erases all those that had seen the light of day before. So in the current timeline, Tommy Doyle was just the little boy Laurie Strode kept the night Michael attacked her.

Previewed in Halloween 2 (thanks to footage from the previous film), he makes a brief comeback in Halloween 2 as Danny Ray. But his participation in the story is very small, unlike 6, released in 1995, where he plays a central role. He is then embodied by a young beginner seen a few months earlier in Clueless: Paul Rudd.

Halloween kills: who is tommy doyle, recurring character in the saga?
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Paul Rudd in “Halloween 6”

In the film, he lives opposite the old Myers house and watches over its new inhabitants, as he is obsessed with finding Michael’s motives, and remains convinced that the latter was chosen by a sect linked to an ancient symbol. runic. Which is precisely responsible for the return of the boogeyman, which Tommy manages to escape, which allows him to return in the following episode. On paper.

Except that Halloween – 20 years later brought Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode and already decided to wipe out opus 4, 5 and 6. So Tommy Doyle’s career (among other things), while some areas of shadow still surrounded him, like the origin of this necklace which he wears around his neck and kisses. And it’s in the comic book “Halloween – 30 Years of Terror”, published in 2008, that we find it.

Married to a woman named Tina, he has a baby daughter named Jamie and has become a comic book author. And in particular of a series in which it is question of Michael Myers, Jamies Childs (daughter of Laurie seen in films 4 to 6) or the cult of Thorn. One way to evoke this part of his past which was erased by Halloween – 20 years later.

Halloween kills: who is tommy doyle, recurring character in the saga?
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Anthony Michael Hall in “Halloween Kills”

We find him, as a child, in the guise of Skyler Gisondo (Long live the holidays) in the reboot directed by Rob Zombie in 2007. And he reappears this year, played by Anthony Michael Hall, in the chronology set up by the first film by John Carpenter, determined to put an end to the actions of Michael Myers. But the character could have been played by… Paul Rudd.

David Gordon Green, who had directed the actor in Prince of Texas, indeed offered to take over the role, even if it means losing the fans a little more. But the main interested party had to decline the offer, because taken by the filming of SOS Fantômes – L’Héritage. Evil for good according to producer Malek Akkad.

“It would have warmed my heart [qu’il revienne] and there is obviously disappointment here “, he explained in a press conference to which Screen Rant has assisted. “[Mais Anthony Michael Hall] fulfills the role in a way that is less explosive and less likely to take viewers out of the story. Because Paul Rudd is a fantastic actor, and very great in several areas including comedy. “

“There’s a reason it turned out like this, and we’re very excited. Anthony Michael Hall is delivering a performance that is going to ring you in, and he is sure to be a fan favorite.” Go to the dark rooms to see if this is the case. And if there’s a chance to see him again in Halloween Ends next year.

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