Guy Asks if He’s a Jerk for Making His Wife Stay at a Hotel

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“So I’m married to my wife Tanya. My kids step mother and they get along good. My kids liked her very much.

So I’ll start this off by my rules for my daughter.I think clothes, hair, makeup etc are ways someone expresses themselves. Therefor I let her wear what she wants, do what she wants to her hair. Piercings on the ear are fine etc.

So 1. You can do what you want with your hair as long as you know not everything can be fixed.

2 she can go out in whatever she wants as long as it fits. (Meaning she didn’t get something that’s 2 sized to small to show body, and I think that’s a good way to start body dysmorphia)

A few more rules but these are the necessary ones to know.

As of right now my daughter cut most of her hair off to where it’s shaven in the back but longer on the rest of her head.

Tanyas aunt d**d 15 years ago when she was 20, last week was the date of aunts passing.

Now moving foward to last week I came home from work to my My daughter sobbing in her room.

I tried asking what’s wrong and she gave me a ton of bags and I looked through them. They were filled with alot of clothes, clothes that were Way to small for her, not her style at all, they were all colorful and dresses and short short skirts, skinny jeans, crop tops that only cover your chest, tops that had strings connecting the sides which would clearly show some cleavage which my daughter ha**s.

The skirts were very short, enough that you could probably see undergarments. My wife brought her what I guess are “push up bras” ones that had diamond going across the sleeves and undergarments that look the same. It was borderline atrocious, and in my opinion s**ualizing a CHILD

I talked to my daughter after she calmed down and she said that Tanya bought these and told her that this would be her “new style” because she’s in highschool now so she needs to dress more “appropriately” and people won’t realize she is a girl.

My daughter looks fine.

This was the same day Tanya’s aunt d**d. When I addressed Tanya she said that she wanted to help my daughter and my daughter needed to start looking better anyway and she said that she wanted to give her a “glow up” and her aunt dressed like that and she was beautiful so she did that.

I told her she’s taking her grief out on my daughter and she won’t do that, I said that at the end of it, she’s my daughter and what I say goes unless she has something to say about it. Tanya argued that she was looking like a tomboy and that’s when I said she had to leave and I’ll pay for a hotel.

I’m getting lots of s**t from her family. But honestly, even if it seems dramatic I’m rethinking everything.”

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One reader said he’s not the a**hole and that Tanya was out of line in this situation.

Guy Asks if Hes a Jerk for Making His Wife

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And this Reddit user said it seems like she’s weaponizing her grief to change his daughter’s thinking.

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Lastly, this person said he’s NTA and that his wife needs to change things or get out.

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