A Quiz Where Your Bollywood Knowledge And Geography Blend!

There’s every possibility that a movie buff can also become a dedicated traveler – this theory is undeniable for the simple fact that there are countless Bollywood movies that have been shot in awe-inspiring locations. Some of them catch your attention because they create an impressive backdrop, some are brought to your attention explicitly or subtly through dialogues, while some are mentioned as taking place in India but are actually In they are somewhere else. Simply put, apart from being an important aesthetic factor for the filmmakers of Indian cinema, these locations leave an impact on the audience! Every Bollywood lover does stupid things, but can also do guess the places Where were these films shot?

What we remember most about a movie are the iconic scenes – maybe a fight scene or the hero expressing his love for the first time and what not! The question is, have you been focused enough to remember all the background locations of these iconic movie scenes? Let’s test your memory, shall we?

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Our love for Indian cinema can never end, no matter how closely we are watching the film. Because after all, we only care about whether Rahul marries Anjali or not! However, whether you were able to guess the locations correctly or not, you should think about planning your vacation at places that will also remind you about your favorite movie!

For your information, Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon was shot in New Zealand; They were nowhere near the much-famous “Beautiful City”.


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