Guardians of the Galaxy: our Voix Ouf podcast with Nathalie Karsenti, French voice of Gamora - Actus Ciné

Guardians of the Galaxy: our Voix Ouf podcast with Nathalie Karsenti, French voice of Gamora – Actus Ciné

Vincent formica

Vincent formica

Cinema journalist

As a great admirer of French dubbing, he devotes a cult to French VF, especially that of the 80s and 90s. Back to the future, Indiana Jones, The Mask, Pulp Fiction or Sister Act … it’s VF or nothing!

Seasoned actress, Nathalie Karsenti lends her voice to Gamora in the Marvel films or Amanda in the Saw saga. She also created the show He Was a Voice on YouTube. Meeting with a talented and sparkling artist.


In our podcast entitled “Voix Ouf”, we highlight the world of French dubbing, particularly through the work of actors and actresses who hide behind our favorite heroes.

These artists work in the shadows to give life to many characters, each one more different than the next. With “Voix Ouf”, we want to put a spotlight on their work by exploring their universe with them.

For this new issue, we had the honor to receive Nathalie Karsenti, French voice of Gamora (Zoe Saldana) in the Marvel films. From Guardians of the Galaxy to Avengers Endgame, the actress brought this iconic MCU character to life.

She also voiced Shawnee Smith in the Saw saga or Eva Mendes in The Night Belongs to Us and Fast and Furious 5. She has also been Marisol Nichols’ voice since 2007; in particular, she lends him her stamp in Riverdale (role of Hermione Lodge). She also doubles her in Spiral: The Legacy of Saw, in theaters on July 21.

Nathalie Karsenti also created the show He was a voice on YouTube, thanks to which many personalities of the French dubbing were able to confide. In Voix Ouf, the actress evokes with good humor and without tongue-in-cheek her profession, which she exercises with passion.

  • The show is prepared and presented by Vincent formica
  • The chroniclers are Thomas Imbert and Manon Maroufi
  • Assembly: Louis Barreau
  • Mixing and dressing: Ando Raminoson

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