Guardian Soulmates to close next month

Guardian Soulmates to close next month

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The Guardian is closing its Guardian Soulmates online dating service because “it is no longer viable”.

The service, which has around 35,000 free members and paid subscribers, will close in late June.

The “online dating landscape has changed dramatically” since it was launched in 2004, he added – making it a “very small fish in a very large pool”.

The 15 years since its launch have seen the growth of global dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble.

Guardian Soulmates said on his website: “There are so many dating apps now, so many ways to meet people, which are often free and very fast.

“To keep up with changing times we would need to invest heavily in new technologies and develop a new way of operating, and it is not feasible.”

Registration on the site is free, but in the past six years it has seen a 40% reduction in the number of paid subscribers, with access to advanced search and messaging options.

Former users chose Twitter to thank the site for helping find their partners.

Others shared their slightly less romantic experiences.

Guardian Soulmates said the service helped many readers of the newspaper “find love and build lasting relationships.”

“We want to thank everyone who participated in Soulmates and was part of a community of like-minded people looking for love,” he said.

He said he was contacting his members.

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