Gran Turismo 7’s impressive Sophy AI returns with expanded f…

After a brief trial earlier this year, Gran Turismo’s Sophie AI is back gran turismo 7 Today. AI tools are now a permanent part of racing games and come with expanded functionality.

First-person perspective of Gran Turismo Sophie Race Together Race in Gran Turismo 7.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

While all the CPU racers are in gran turismo 7 Technically using some form of artificial intelligence, GT Sophie 2.0 is a more autonomous and smarter AI agent that learned from player data and can match the skill level of top Gran Turismo players. Essentially, a race with GT Sophie 2.0 should feel like a race with any other player. Sony AI tests GT Sophie on four cars and tracks gran turismo 7 Earlier this year, but that was only a limited time mode. Now, GT Sophie is a permanent game feature gran turismo 7,

Sony AI and developer Polyphony Digital revealed the news on Wednesday morning, detailing the expanded functionality coming as part of the game’s reintroduction. gran turismo 7 Patch 1.40. Now nicknamed GT Sophie 2.0, this advanced AI can now be used with 340 different cars on nine different tracks. gran turismo 7 Quick race mode. While players can choose which track they want to race the GT Sophie 2.0 on, according to Sony AI, the car will be selected automatically “based on the car selected from the player’s garage”.

In a press release, Sony says that testing earlier this year “allowed the team to evaluate how well the neural network performed when embedded in the game and fully integrate the AI ​​agent involved.” Guided engineering operations.” Those learnings allowed them to further refine the AI ​​and expand its functionality, whatever gran turismo 7 Players on PlayStation 5 can now see the game after updating it.

gran turismo 7 Now available on PlayStation 4 and PS5, although GT Sophy 2.0 only works on PS5.

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