Groundhog Day comes out at the cinema: Bill Murray unmanageable on the set – Actus Ciné

Groundhog day comes out at the cinema: bill murray unmanageable on the set - actus ciné

Endless Day is coming to the cinema! Did you know that Bill Murray and director Harold Ramis had a very stormy relationship on set? This film will mark the end of their collaboration.

In An endless day, we find Phil Connors, television journalist and responsible for the weather. The latter leaves to do his annual report in the town of Punxsutawney where we celebrate the “Groundhog Day”: “Day of the groundhog”.

Unable to return home to Pittsburgh afterwards due to bad weather, he is forced to spend one more night in this lost city.

Waking up very early the next day, he finds that everything is happening exactly as the day before and understands that he is condemned to relive the same day, that of February 2, indefinitely.


If Un Jour sans fin marks the apogee of cooperation between the actor Bill Murray and the director Harold Ramis, he also signs the end of the latter, following a chaotic filming. The film, released in 1993, has become a great American comedy classic adored by the general public.

What we know less is behind the scenes behind this beautiful facade and the fact that the two great friends that were Murray and Ramis took the lead during almost all of the filming, resulting in a final estrangement.

The two artists never collaborated again and did not speak to each other for 20 years. It all starts in Chicago, the birthplace of Bill and Harold, dear to the hearts of the two men. They meet in the mythical improvisation club of the city, the Second City.

This is where artists meet John Belushi with which they will go a long way. The troupe is then spotted by producer Lorne Michaels, who wants to hire them for the famous Saturday Night Live. If Ramis does not follow up on this proposal, this is not the case for Bill Murray.

Five things you might not know about Bill Murray

The first film collaboration between the two men will be on the comedy Stop rowing, you’re on the sand in 1979. The film is directed by another big name in the band Bill Murray, Ivan Reitman.

Ramis, a talented screenwriter, signs the script. Reitman was able to grasp the potential of the Murray/Ramis duo, praising the actor’s genius for improvisation when the latter is supervised by Harold, the only one managing to channel it to get the best out of it.

The trio work together once again in Blues in 1981 before experiencing immense popular success with Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters 2 (1989).


Ramis and Murray then embark on a new project, Groundhog Day. The script, co-signed by Danny Rubin and Ramis, does not please Bill. The latter continues to rail against the too simplistic tone of the scenario and would like to bring a more subversive touch to it.

This will remain a source of discord during the entire filming, imposing a deleterious atmosphere within the team. You should also know that Murray was then in the midst of a divorce from his first wife.

Often in a bad mood, moody, he even happened to disappear from the set for several hours, to the great despair of the technical team.

In order to facilitate communication between director Harold Ramis, Murray and the Columbia studio, the actor was asked to hire a personal assistant.

He did…but the assistant was profoundly deaf, and could only speak sign language, which, of course, no one on set knew, let alone Murray!

As Harold Ramis later confided in an interview given to Entertainment Weekly : “Bill said to me: don’t worry! I’m going to learn the language! Except that it was so inappropriate on the set that he stopped after a handful of weeks! In fact, it’s the anti-communication he did”.

Un Jour sans fin, considered cult today, nevertheless sounded the death knell for a fruitful artistic collaboration between Harold Ramis and Bill Murray.

The two men will not speak to each other for more than 20 years, despite Ramis’ attempts to approach an intractable Murray.

They will eventually reconcile in 2013, just before the tragic death of the filmmaker at the age of 69 in February 2014. Bill will also pay a last tribute to his accomplice at the 86th Academy Awards, thus closing the loop. .. temporal.

In 2021, thanks to the magic of special effects, Harold Ramis will make a final farewell to his accomplice in Ghostbusters Legacy. In a poignant sequence, Harold Ramis is resurrected by the magic of cinema, fighting the ghosts alongside his acolytes: Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd.

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