Grilled chickens on France 3: what is this detective comedy worth with Barbara Cabrita? -…

Broadcast tonight on France 3, the TV movie “Grilled Chickens” immerses viewers in a police investigation led by a team of broken arms. Is this comedy with Barbara Cabrita (“Sam”) and Samuel Labarthe worth the detour?

What is it about ?

Fallen star of the PJ of Lyon following a serious error, Anne Capestan is entrusted with the head of the mysterious “4th brigade”: a unit in which are transferred all the alcoholics, depressives and other misfits who clutter the services of police and which we cannot get rid of.

However, it is with her team of broken arms that the commander will find herself in a position to solve the most important investigation of the moment, a case involving several robberies, an ace of disguise and the unexplained murder of a Maltese.

Tuesday April 26 at 9:10 p.m. on France 3

Who is it with?

After The golden cage, Love at first sight on a Christmas tune or the series Sat and Luther on TF1, Barbara Cabrita embodies Commander Anne Capestan, ex-star policewoman of BRI, deposed after shooting a colleague during an operation.

Demoted, she is in charge of the fourth shock brigade composed of Eva (Marie Armelle Deguy), Breton (Hubert Delattre), Bad luck (Marie Petiot) and Max (Mohamed Belhadjin). The actors of the explosive quartet are already known on the big or small screen.

Marie-Armelle Deguy recently acted in the films The Loves of Anaïs and Two women. Hubert Delattre starred in the film The invite by Fred Grivois, and recently made an appearance in the series Face to face on France 3. Last summer, Marie Petiot was noticed for her role as Nadège in the film The fine flower by Pierre Pinaud, and the actor Mohamed Belhadjine, the most discreet of the team played the role of Mitch-Mitch in The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson.

The number one suspect in this theft case is played by Samuel Labarthe (The Little Murders of Agatha Christie), who recently had one of the first film roles in the film Notre Dame is burning.

Well worth a look ?

Grilled chickens is a light comedy set in a detective story. The main narrative plot of the film is the hunt for the famous thief Weber. This investigation is attributed to the BRI of Lyon, being of very great importance, but that will not slow down the ambitions of Commander Capestan who will find a new clue on her arrival in the brigade which will launch her in the footsteps of the thief.

Determined to straighten out the fourth brigade, she will not spare her colleagues despite the problems they may have. Lebreton is still in depression because of the death of his companion, Max is asocial and can’t stand being approached by others, and Bad luck is literally bad luck. Some hope rested on Eva, but she hides from everyone that she is a writer of renowned detective novels who draws inspiration from her colleagues.

Grilled chickens on france 3: what is this detective comedy worth with barbara cabrita? -...

Many events will put the Grilled Chicken Brigade in the face of dangers they never imagined and for which they were clearly not prepared. Throwing themselves under a car, filming a suspect a meter away, performing a dog autopsy, the team will stop at nothing to flush out the famous Weber before the BRI. So many improbable scenes that punctuate the TV movie and make this team endearing.

The police comedy carried by Barbara Cabrita highlights a strong female character who is not afraid to investigate this case despite the counter-orders of her superiors. His personality and spunk bring some spice to the comedy. However, the freshness brought by the actress and the acting of the brigade struggle to compensate for an overly simple police investigation.

Grilled chickens on france 3: what is this detective comedy worth with barbara cabrita? -...

If we focus purely on the police aspect, the scenario of the France 3 TV movie is not very original. Here, the policewoman who tries to restore her image and show what she is capable of, which does not revolutionize the genre. Fortunately, the choice of casting counterbalances certain weaknesses of the plot and makes you want to find them again for more improbable affairs.

The open end of Grilled Chickens also lets imagine a potential sequel allowing the fourth brigade to solve a new exceptional case with panache.

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