Grill-X Will Provide Perfect Charcoal Flavor to Your BBQ Indoors

Grilling is essentially an outdoor activity, or so it has been for a long time. But what do you do when it is raining or snowing outside? You can’t just wait for the weather to agree with your grilling craving. At such a time, an indoor grill is the best option but there is a catch. You need an appliance that is smokeless or emits minimal smoke so that your smoke detector won’t go haywire and you get detectable, grilled foods, without having to worry about the outside conditions. Meet Grill-X, a new carbon graphite indoor grill for a year-round barbeque experience.

The Grill-X was designed to provide charcoal-flavored foods indoors. Made by Japanese startup Kiwamiyatei, the device is compatible with gas and electric stoves. It is placed on a stovetop heating element on any type of cooktop. The grill can be used outdoors, on a barbeque, or over an open fire.

The grill comes with an aluminum base and steel lid, with a cooking plate that goes between the two. The plate is covered in carbon graphite to give your food a delectable charcoal barbeque flavor.

Between the layers, there are gaps left on either side to permit air to be pulled in. The air then gets heated in the enclosed space above the plate, before it flows back out. The maker says that the setup works somewhat similar to the convection oven mechanism, which results in faster-cooked, moister meats.

The plate has a wavy design that prevents grilling foods from sticking to the surface and helps reflect heat evenly to each food item. It will help acquire grilled foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  

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The stainless steel underside of the lid boosts the cooking process by rising heat reflected down onto the food. Meanwhile, the corrugated surface of the plate keeps heat circulation at an optimum, while keeping the smoke at a minimum.

The best aspect of the Grill-X is its compact design, allowing you to take your grill with you wherever you go. It is far easier to clean this grill than the traditional ones and you can even wash it in the sink. Currently part of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, the Grill-X is expected to be priced at $260 if it reaches production. You can make an early bird pledge for $159.

Grill-X by Kiwamiyatei - 1
Image: Kiwamiyatei
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Image: Kiwamiyatei
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Image: Kiwamiyatei
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Image: Kiwamiyatei

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