Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) will be absent for a large part of season 19 -…

Undisputed star of “Grey’s Anatomy” for nearly twenty years, Ellen Pompeo will only participate in a handful of episodes of season 19 to come because of her commitment to another project. Should we be worried about the future of the medical series?

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, which will debut in October across the Atlantic on ABC, will it mark the beginning of the end for the hit medical series? The announcement of the reduced presence ofEllen Pompeo in this new burst of episodes does not bode well for the future.

While Meredith Gray finally decided to stay in Seattle and not move to Minnesota at the very end of season 18, the heroine of Grey’s Anatomy will not appear according to Deadline only in 8 of the 22 upcoming episodes of season 19.

While retaining her role as executive producer and continuing to narrate the episodes in voice-over, as she has done since 2005.

Already less present in season 17 – her character remained immersed in a coma for a large part of the season because of the Covid – and in season 18, Ellen Pompeo would have negotiated a more limited participation in the series when signing for this nineteenth season last January in order to take time to shoot other projects.

And it is finally on the Hulu platform (which belongs to Disney, just like ABC) that the actress has just landed her first role outside of Grey’s Anatomy in almost twenty years.

Ellen Pompeo in a new series inspired by a mind-blowing true story

Deadline reveals that Ellen Pompeo will star and executive produce an as-yet-untitled miniseries created by Katie Robbins (The Affair) which will tell the story of an American couple who adopts what they think is a little girl with dwarfism. But as they begin to raise her alongside their three biological children, they slowly grow to fear that their adopted daughter is not who she claims to be.

If this pitch rings a bell, that’s because it’s inspired by the true story of Kristine Barnett and her ex-husband Michael who made headlines in 2019 when they were accused of negligence towards their adopted daughter Natalia Grace, born in Ukraine, whom they had sought to get rid of six years earlier, when she was only nine years old. The couple got it into their heads that little Natalia was actually a sociopathic adult woman who was out to harm them.

A spine-chilling story reminiscent of the film Esther. And which will therefore become an eight-episode mini-series on Hulu with Ellen Pompeo in the role of the mother.

Grey's anatomy: ellen pompeo (meredith) will be absent for a large part of season 19 -...
ABC/Liliane Lathan

Ellen Pompeo and Scott Speedman in Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy

Will Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 be the last?

Still according to Deadline, despite the limited presence of Ellen Pompeo in the credits, season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy is not currently considered to be the last featuring Meredith Grey. Or like the last in the series.

It remains to be seen how Meredith’s absence will be accounted for in the show’s storyline now that she’s decided to stay on at Gray Sloan Memorial as acting chief of surgery.

And if these eight small episodes are intended, or not, to prepare slowly but surely the departure of Ellen Pompeo. In the manner of what had been done in NCIS with Mark Harmonwho left the series last year at the start of season 19 after only four episodes.

One thing is certain: the next season of Grey’s Anatomy will be one of change since, in parallel with this announcement concerning its heroine, the medical series will welcome five new characters of young medical residents embodied by Harry Shum Jr. (Glee), Adelaide Kane (reign), Alexis Floyd, Niko Terhoand Midori Francis.

Grey’s Anatomy will return to US screens on October 6. In France, TF1 interrupted the broadcast of season 18 last May just five episodes from the end. Long-awaited by fans, these last installments should not arrive on the air until next year, when the front page will offer the nineteenth batch of the adventures of the doctors of Gray Sloan.

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