Grey’s Anatomy: an episode on the coronavirus for season 17? – News Series on TV

Grey’s Anatomy: an episode on the coronavirus for season 17? – News Series on TV

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo said she had already thought about the possibility of an episode devoted to the coronavirus for season 17 of the series.

ABC / Richard Cartwright

An episode on the coronavirus in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy? The coronavirus crisis should inspire many screenwriters during and after confinement, and it would not be surprising if the medical series already plans to address the crisis linked to the COVID-19 epidemic in their future plots. Asked by Variety on this subject a few days ago, the star of Grey’s Ellen Pompeo spoke on the question and does not close the door to a possible episode devoted to the coronavirus in season 17:

“I don’t know. I thought about it. Obviously, we don’t want to get too political, but I was just watching the news and came across a video clip of Barack Obama in 2014, who said that a pandemic was inevitable and that we should be prepared for it. And then in 2014, the Republicans didn’t give him the budget to put together what he thought he needed to keep the American people safe. “, lamented the interpreter of Meredith Gray. “So, in 2014, Obama was very aware that this was going to happen and that we had to be more prepared than we were then. For five years later we are not prepared, it is necessarily that some people have not insured. It is disappointing. “

Grey’s Anatomy: a complaint to the CSA after the broadcast of episode 11 on TF1

In its last seasons, the series has taken an increasingly committed turn, having often raised the issue of violence against women or police violence, and more recently that of inequalities concerning access to care and the cost of medical costs. . Season 16 has just ended earlier than expected due to the confinement, the last episodes could not be filmed, but the showrunneuse Krista Vernoff, clarified in recent days that it was impossible that episode 22, which was to follow, becomes the season premiere of season 17. It will therefore be necessary that the writers set out on new bases.

The trailer for season 16, available for replay on My TF1 until episode 11:

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