Grey’s Anatomy: a character should die in the initial finale of season 16 – News TV Series

Grey’s Anatomy: a character should die in the initial finale of season 16 – News TV Series

The shooting having been interrupted because of the coronavirus, season 16 of “Grey’s Anatomy” has only 21 episodes instead of 25. But the TVLine site reveals that a character had to die in the final initially planned by the writers.

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As so often since its launch in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy had probably planned to offer us a shock end of the season again this year. The filming of the cult medical series having been interrupted during March because of the coronavirus pandemic which currently affects the planet, the last four episodes of season 16 (which was to count 25 in total) could not be boxed and it is therefore the 21st episode, broadcast Thursday, April 9 on ABC in the United States, which served as a makeshift final. But if we are to believe TVLine, the end initially planned by the writers was once again to stage a tragedy in the Gray Sloan hospital.

According to the American site, an explosion was to occur during the finale of season 16, as it had been thought at the start, and this dramatic event would have ended up costing the life of one of the main characters. Questioned on this subject by TVLine, the showrunneuse of Grey’s Anatomy, Krista Vernoff, did not wish to speak on this intrigue, and therefore neither confirmed nor denied the information. We don’t know which character was supposed to die in this episode, which has now gone by the wayside, but if the writers decide to keep some of their ideas for the future, then it may well be that one of the actors says goodbye to the series. start of season 17. Only a few months after the departure of Justin Chambers. Unless Krista Vernoff decides to start from a blank page next season and throw in the trash all the ideas that had been imagined for the last four episodes never produced in season 16.

Anyway, fans of Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off should quickly have an idea of ​​what should have happened in the finale of season 16 of the mother series since the last episodes of season 3 of Station 19 (all of the 16 episodes ordered that could have been filmed before the health crisis) will give some clues to the events that were supposed to have affected the Gray Sloan. “It’s ironic, but when the fans watch episodes 15 and 16 of Station 19, they will have an idea of ​​what we had planned for the initial finale of Grey’s Anatomy”, Krista Vernoff recently said on the subject. And it seems rather logical that a possible explosion hitting the heroes of Grey’s Anatomy affects Station 19, and its firefighters, now that the two series are more than ever part of the same shared universe.

Kelly McCreary (Maggie) talks to us about season 16 and Grey’s Anatomy’s longevity record:

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