Grendizer on DNA: why does Actarus make two rotations during its transfer to the robot?

Grendizer on dna: why does actarus make two rotations during its transfer to the robot?

It’s a question that has nagged many fans for years and fueled many theories. Why does Actarus make two U-turns during his transfer to the head of Grendizer? We try to answer it.

Last week, the DNA platform made available the second season of the cult Grendizer series. The mythical robot created by Go Nagai has survived the decades without a wrinkle, influencing many artists in all fields.

However, one question remained unanswered for all these years, fueling many theories and speculations. Why the hell does Actarus, the hero of the anime, rotate twice as he transfers from the ship to Grendizer’s cockpit?

This scene, which could be seen in almost all episodes, aroused questions from fans around the world. The latter, circumspect, did not hesitate to provide us with explanations and theories, from the most pragmatic to the most wacky. Why does the Prince of Euphor turn around twice in his seat before taking control of Grendizer in an effort to confront the terrible Golgoths? We are trying to get around the question.


“Transfer!”, chants Actarus before activating the handle which allows him to go from his saucer to the head of his giant robot. This scene, expected in each episode by aficionados, was a signature of the anime. When the hero said that word, we knew he was going to take control of Grendizer and start the fight.

During this maneuver, if the seat of Actarus has to turn twice, it is for a purely technical reason, according to one of the hypotheses mentioned by the fans. Indeed, the rails allowing the descent of the prince of Euphor would not be the same as those in a straight line allowing him to access the cockpit of Goldorak. This is the reason why Actarus needs to perform these rotations; he must get on the right track and then, at the end, turn around to get into the right position in the robot’s head.

The sequence of Autolargue transfer


A second theory, a little more wacky, is also mentioned. These U-turns would serve to slow the siege of Actarus, which would gain too much speed during the descent. Thus, our hero would avoid going through the windshield of the formidable robot of the new times. It could also be that these rotations are decompression stops, as in scuba diving. A plateau corresponds to the time spent at a given depth in order to reduce the level of nitrogen or helium remaining in human tissues (especially blood).

What if we tried to make the trip in the opposite direction? When Actarus is back in his ship after a mission, the first U-turn would allow him to end up in the right direction to head towards the center of the saucer. Then, to go up to the cockpit, the second rotation is necessary to get into the right position to fly.


Another explanation would be purely rational and would concern the design of animes in the 70s and 80s. Often, the deadlines for making the episodes of the series were very short, forcing even the managers of the Japanese studios to subcontract to South Korea. South. Some signature sequences, which came back in almost all episodes, therefore allowed for faster production because they were already animated and ready to use.

All that remained was to integrate them into the episode, saving the hosts precious hours of hard work. The U-turns would therefore have served to lengthen the transfer scene a little more to relieve the teams. Even a second of animation less could be of great help in achieving the frequency of one episode per week. It’s the same for the sequence “metamorphosis” before takeoff from Grendizer, which was still the same.


Finally, and this is perhaps the most probable hypothesis, Actarus makes two rotations to show off, knowing that he and Grendizer are the strongest. He would therefore allow himself this little fantasy to make fun of his opponents who are no match for the formidable genius of the infinite.

Time proved him right, because aficionados of the series have always found this sequence extremely cool, just like that of the “metamorphosis” followed by the legendary “Grendizer, go” ! Either way, if Actarus only rotated once, he would be upside down, which wouldn’t be very handy for dealing with Vega’s forces!

The take-off scene: Grendizer, go!

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