Gremlins on TF1 Séries Films: where is episode 3?

Gremlins on tf1 séries films: where is episode 3?

Gremlins, cult horror comedy, is broadcast tonight on TF1 Séries Films, an opportunity to take stock of the sea serpent Gremlins 3. 36 years after the first part, is this sequel still relevant today?

Gremlins first of the name was released on December 5, 1984, quickly becoming a huge commercial success. Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Joe Dante, the horror comedy will be entitled to a sequel in 1990, The New Generation. Almost 36 years after the first opus, a 3rd episode has never seen the light of day.

However, the hope of one day seeing Gizmo on the big screen again is permitted. On Twitter, director Joe Dante and lead actor Zach Galligan often say they’re ready to come back! Lately, the comedian said in an interview with SyFy that the animated series currently in development for HBO Max would open the door to a Gremlins 3.

“It looks like what they’re going to do is re-educate us on the mythology surrounding Gremlins, Gizmo and the Mogwai … and, of course, most importantly, the three rules to follow. [ne pas nourrir Gizmo après minuit, l’exposer à la lumière du soleil ni le mouiller]. You have to understand that they are using the animated series as a stepping stone to a bigger ending, which is a live-action Gremlins movie. That would be my guess and it’s really no exaggeration to think that’s what they are doing “, confides the one who would like to don again the costume of Billy Peltzer.

In June 2020, screenwriter Carl Ellsworth revealed to ComingSoon his involvement in an aborted project of the 3rd part of Gremlins: “The last time I worked on Gremlins 3 was three years ago. I was so excited to work on the film. I had the chance to work with Chris Columbus (screenwriter of the first opus, editor’s note), and I loved the story we wrote. I’m so disappointed that it hasn’t seen the light of day yet. “

The screenwriter also indicated that he thought of his story as a direct sequel to the first film. However, it was not a question of completely denying the second, but he saw Gremlins 3 as a handover, where one would keep the same tone as the original work. “Those little creatures, they’re cold-blooded little killer critters, aren’t they? They’re psychotic little creatures that kill everyone, we took that idea and wrote Gremlins 3. I tried to preserve the humor but, at the same time, I started writing by telling myself that it was above all a horror film. “

Carl Ellsworth also clarified that he had chosen to explore the mythology and history of little Gizmo. “I became friends with Zach Galligan and he was very keen to reprise the character. He was excited, I think, that he and Gizmo were going to be the equivalent of Han Solo and Chewie in The Force Awakens. Gizmo was at the heart of the story; the script had to talk more about the mythology and background of the Gremlins. I have no idea what they will do with this script, but I hope, like everyone else, that something will happen, with my story or someone else’s “, he concludes, somewhat bitter.

On October 20, Zach Galligan posted a message on his Twitter account suggesting possible good news about Gremlins 3:

“Quick reminder: No matter how bad your day has been, how stressed or worried you are about the future, you need to remember this:

Gizmo loves you. Always.”

A very cute and benevolent message which did not fail to pique the curiosity of Internet users. Should we see a hidden message? Will the kind Mogwai be back soon? In any case, Joe Dante himself relayed the comedian’s tweet … Wait and see.


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