Gremlins: Gizmo and Billy meet 37 years later for an ad

On the occasion of an American advertisement for a brand of soda, Zach Galligan (who played the young Billy in the first two “Gremlins”) once again shares the screen with his dear mogwai.

Gremlins: gizmo and billy meet 37 years later for an ad
Warner Bros.

It had been three decades since they last saw each other on the screen! 37 years after Joe Dante’s first Gremlins, and 30 years after the second opus (released in 1990), Zach Galligan (the interpreter of Billy Peltzer) and his adorable little companion Gizmo briefly met for a short publicity for the American soda brand Mountain Dew.

In this little video, we can see Zach Galligan (now 57 years old) and his dear mogwai comfortably installed on their sofa for a TV night, washed down with the soda in question. A drink that Gizmo drinks greedily and spills all over him, which obviously leads him to multiply.

The final slogan of the advertisement, “As good as the original, maybe even better?”, would it be a way to teaser the 3rd installment of the Gremlins franchise, which we have been hearing about for several years? Last November, screenwriter Chris Columbus had also confirmed that the creatures of this new feature film would normally be animated “old-fashioned”, with puppets and without synthetic images.

Note that an animated series called Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is also in the works for HBO Max.

(Re) discover the trailer for the first “Gremlins” …

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