Pies have been a big hit during this lockdown, with great delivery options in London, but the capital is still losing its famous pie and mash shops. Celebrity Scottish chef Mark Greenaway is looking to turn things around by opening a brand new one in Covent Garden this spring.

Greenaway’s Pie & Mash will serve a range of pies made with traditional Scottish dough shells and puff pastry tops (double dough, as we like them), with toppings including chicken, mushrooms and tarragon; prime rib and pearl onion; butternut squash, goat cheese and spinach; duck confit, lentils & orange; lamb shank, peas & mint; and apple pie with cream and cream for the pud. You will be able to pick up the take out pies from the store as well as hot pies and frozen home cooked pies for delivery.

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Opens Mon 12 April 2021
45 Villiers St, Charing Cross, London WC2N 6NE

By Vinod Gill

Chief Editor and reporter. Major onsite works and development.

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