Great Posts About Living With Our Beloved Pets

I don’t understand how people live without pets in their home. I mean, I know there are seasons of life when having pets is hard or doesn’t make sense, but a house just doesn’t feel like a home if there isn’t some fur flying around, you know?

These 12 people definitely agree, and I, for one, am so thankful that they came online to share their daily adorable with us!

But thin walls really aren’t great for anyone.

Might as well recycle yourself.

We know it’s not good for them but we can’t help it.

But honestly I really need to snuggle it just to be sure.

That cat, I am sure, did not think about a thing.

That might work after a week or so of the silent treatment.

That makes it all the funnier, really.

I kind of want to be her bff.

Just enjoy your walks and shut up.

Might as well let the world in on the secret, too.

It always comes up in the right conversations.

And anything that falls on the floor is obviously no longer edible.

I need to go home and snuggle my dogs now, don’t you?

Tell me the cutest thing your dog or cat did this week? I could eat these stories up all day!

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