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Did you know that Ed Harris appears in the credits of Gravity? On the occasion of the broadcast this evening on TFX of Alfonso Cuarón’s film, we tell you everything about this well-hidden cameo.

The most attentive will surely have noticed that only 7 names appear in the credits of Gravity. Alongside Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, present in flesh and blood in Alfonso Cuarón’s film, also appears Ed Harris. Have you spotted him?

In reality, the comedian’s participation is furtive and well hidden since he only lends his voice to a character that cannot be seen. That of the interlocutor of the NASA Control Center who, at the beginning of the film, summons the astronauts to abandon their extravehicular mission because of the danger which threatens them. A choice of cast far from trivial since this minor role is a nod to Gene Kranz, the NASA expert he plays in the cult film Apollo 13.

Interviewed by CBS This Morning: Saturday, Ed Harris commented on this quick passage: “Alfonso offered me the role. It was quite interesting because in the recording studio, the sequence only included the faces of the actors, their bodies were as drawn. It must be said that they were only at the start of production. I loved doing it, I was happy that he offered it to me. He’s a nice guy. I wish he had mentioned my name at the Oscars. “

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