Grandpa does Resistance on France 2 at 2 p.m.: what comic genius almost played in the film?

Papy fait de la Résistance sur France 2 à 14h : quel génie comique a failli jouer dans le film ?

Grandpa does Resistance on France 2 at 2 p.m.: what comic genius almost played in the film?

On the occasion of the broadcast of “Grandpa is resisting” this afternoon on France 2, small focus on a missed date … Louis de Funès should have played in the film!

Released in 1983, Grandpa made resistance takes place during the Occupation. We follow members of the Bourdelle family, who are also invaded by the Germans and find themselves housed in the cellar. The son, Guy Hubert, hidden behind the features of a homosexual hairdresser, is in fact Super-Resistant, a sort of Zorro of the moment, who plots against the Nazis.

On the occasion of the diffusion of this popular comedy having worked very well in theaters (more than four million admissions on French soil), this afternoon on France 2, return on the fact that Louis de Funès should have there to take part.


Louis de Funès was indeed to play in the feature film. The king of comedy had been, by the producer of his latest films Christian Fechner, put in touch with the young Troupe du Splendid whom he greatly admired. He had seen the play written by Christian Clavier and Martin Lamotte, which Papy made resistance is adapted, and wanted to be.

It was then, at first, question that he embodied Grandpa, then a veteran of the First World War living in a cabin, but it is ultimately to slip into the skin of Adolf Hitler’s half-brother that he was chosen. However, things did not materialize because the actor died of a heart attack on January 27, 1983, at 68 years old.

It was then Jacques Villeret who inherited this character. Grandpa was awarded to Michel Galabru, the unmissable partner of de Funès in the lucrative saga of the Gendarmes.

Father Christmas, Grandpa makes Resistance, Visitors … Jean-Marie Poiré looks back on his career

Papy is resistance is not the only project that awaited Louis de Funès. The legendary actor should have played in a comedy written by Patrice Leconte and Michel Blanc, as well as in a possible seventh part of the Gendarme, which would have taken place in Japan or in space … Released on October 26, 1983, the film by Jean-Marie Poiré is dedicated to de Funès.

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