Grand Hôtel: which series to replace on TF1 on Thursday, October 1? – News Series

Grand Hôtel: which series to replace on TF1 on Thursday, October 1?  – News Series

After keeping viewers in suspense for four weeks, the back-to-school fiction with Carole Bouquet, Solène Hebert and Victor Meutelet ended last night on TF1. Which series will take over from “Grand Hôtel” next Thursday?

François LEFEBVRE / CAPA / TF1

The doors of the Grand Hotel closed this Thursday, September 24 on TF1. Between betrayals, twists and turns and many family secrets, this back-to-school saga, carried by Carole Bouquet, Solène Hebert and Victor Meutelet, held the public in suspense for no less than four weeks. Bye-bye the Côte d’Azur and its idyllic settings, the luxurious palace and its VIP clientele, the Vasseur clan and its melodramas … What will TF1 offer next week in the same time slot?

A dangerous affair?

From Thursday, October 1 at 9:05 p.m., TF1 will broadcast the new season 2 of Infidèle, the series with Claire Keim in the skin of a woman who sees her life shattered as a result of the adultery and lies of her husband. Today, while the divorce proceedings are underway, Doctor Emma Sandrelli is trying to rebuild himself by devoting himself to his patients and his son (now played by Grégoire Paturel). Given that these new episodes deviate from the plot of the original British series Doctor Foster, what does the future hold for this battered woman?

Confronted with a terrible loneliness, Emma surrenders to a short story with a young and handsome boy she met in a bar. The next day, she discovers that he is the new osteopath who has joined her practice. The story gets complicated when she receives a video of their antics. Who likes to persecute her in this way? Luigi, his son, who has already proven the previous season that he can be cruel? Matteo (Jonathan Zaccaï), her future ex-husband in debt, who is disillusioned in his new life alongside Candice (Chloé Jouannet) and their baby?


Dangerous bond between Emma (Claire Keim) and Gabriel (Tom Leeb) in season 2 of “Infidèle”.

Unless it is Gabriel, that enigmatic lover and colleague? The coincidence of his arrival is strange. Attentive and tender, wouldn’t this newcomer have things to hide? Is he playing an unhealthy game with her? Shaken by the breakdown of her marriage after 20 years together, is Emma ready for a serious relationship? Will she be able to trust a man again? Viewers will recognize in the guise of Gabriel, Tom Leeb, seen in particular in the series Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez and the Edmond by Alexis Michalik. With several strings to his bow, the actor pursues a parallel musical career and has long worked on stage as a comedian alongside his accomplice Kévin Levy. Unfaithful constitutes a new stage in its journey. Will the public be there for this new round of episodes?

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