Grand Army on Netflix: what is the hard-hitting teen series in the vein of 13 Reasons Why worth? – News Series on TV

 Grand Army on Netflix: what is the hard-hitting teen series in the vein of 13 Reasons Why worth? - News Series on TV

Available since October 16 on Netflix, Grand Army is the new punchy teen drama of the American platform. Is the series worth a look?



Inspired by the moods of New York youth, the story follows five students from a school in Brooklyn and in particular Joey Del Marco, a sixteen-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by three long-time friends. dated.

Grand Army of Katie Cappiello. With Odessa Adlon, Odley Jean, Maliq Johnson, Amalia Yoo and Amir Bageria.

The first season of Grand Army is available in full on Netflix. Seen 6 episodes out of 9.



Inspired by her play Slut: The Play, Katie Cappiello delivers with Grand Army, a new teen drama, available on Netflix since October 16. While the play was centered on a single character, that of Joey Del Marco, a high school student raped by three of her friends, the series takes the party to not only follow the course of this student but also that of four other students who are opposed within the Grand Army High Scool, an ultra renowned establishment in Brooklyn in New York. By transposing her previous story into a more choral ensemble, Katie Cappiello attempts to paint a more diverse and complex portrait of this disillusioned New York generation.

In addition to following the descent into hell of Joey (played by Odessa Adlon, imperial) after his rape, Grand Army focuses on other current and important themes in adolescent construction such as the search for his sexual identity through Sid ( Amir Bageria), the weight of the family and the financial difficulties to bear for Dominique (Odley Jean) or a cultural identity crisis with Leila (Amalia Yoo), who takes refuge in animated fantasies with very polished sequences when does not manage to “fall into the ranks”. Through its wide range of characters, main and secondary, Grand Army very aptly addresses issues of racism, poverty, sexuality, consent, fulfillment, parenthood, education and violence.


But despite undeniable scriptwriting qualities and a promising and involved young cast, Grand Army is far from renewing the genre of teen drama, especially when the Euphoria nugget has been there. But Katie Cappiello’s series comes out with honors and remains a solid, controlled and very serious series which manages to avoid the negative points of its predecessors to whom we will inevitably compare Grand Army. The series is less novel and muddled than Degrassi and less wrongly unhealthy and chaotic than 13 Reasons Why in its final seasons.

Above all, the characters of Grand Army are terribly endearing and it is impossible not to identify with them. Its raw, modern and realistic tone does not prevent Grand Army from avoiding glamorizing hard-to-watch sequences, notably a rape scene, which is explicitly introduced at the beginning of the episode with a prevention message. Thanks to a serious treatment of its subject, a solid casting and an applied staging, the series of Katie Cappiello succeeds its bet by slipping into the top of the basket of teen dramas, very (too?) present in the audiovisual landscape, and should very easily find its audience on Netflix.

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