Gossip Girl: How does it end?

From 2007 to 2012, “Gossip Girl” made millions of teenagers dream – and not only – around the world. But how does it end? If you didn’t follow everything well or if your memory challenges you, we tell you the end of the series.

Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot points of “Gossip Girl” as well as its ending.

Viral gossip and New York luxury, excess and varied romances, scandals and daring intrigues: welcome to gossip girlthe flagship teen drama of the 2010s that marked an entire generation fascinated by the adventures of Serena, Blair, Dan, Chuck and Nate in the upscale streets of Manhattan.

In Gossip Girl, a mystery remained intact until the end of the series: the identity of the mysterious blogger. It was on December 17, 2012 that we discovered the secret during the broadcast of the very last episode of the show entitled “New York, je t’aime” (or “New York, I Love You XOXO” in VO) and that we fell from the clouds! If all this seems far away, don’t panic: we’ll tell you the end!


The episode begins with Bart hanging from the edge of the building where a party is taking place in his honor. Indeed, after he tried to hit Chuck (Ed Westwick), he jumped over the railing and is now asking the latter for help. After the way he was treated by his father for so many years – who even tried to kill him by blowing up a plane he was supposed to be in – Chuck decides not to move… and Bart ends up falling . Blair (Leighton Meester), witness to the scene, suggests that it is time to leave.

Gossip girl: how does it end?
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As a crowd begins to form around Bart’s lifeless body at the bottom of the building, Blair and Chuck try to flee the scene, but for that, they will need Georgina’s help.

Meanwhile, Dan (Penn Badgley) sits alone in his new apartment. He texts his editor that he’ll be ready to reveal the last chapter of his book after talking to someone. At the same time, Serena (Blake Lively), who boarded his flight to Los Angeles, discovers the last chapter that Dan slipped into his bag and immediately starts reading it.

Gossip girl: how does it end?
Warner Bros. Television

To the Empire, Nate (Chace Crawford) and Sage continue their research on Gossip Girl. Soon they hear the news of Bart’s death, as does a shocked Lily. Ivy on her side calls William, telling him that he can finally come back to New York since Bart is no longer a problem.

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After he interrupts his father’s party to publicly accuse him of trying to kill him, Chuck is now wanted by the police. With Georgina’s help, he flees alongside Blair in the trunk of Blair’s limo. The police conduct their investigation: Nate, Eleanor, Cyrus and Dorota are questioned but no one knows where the couple is.

The next morning, we find Blair and Chuck in a bed and breakfast far from the city. Jack then arrives: he put a tracker on Chuck’s limousine. Meanwhile, Serena visits Dan and asks him about the chapter.

At the Bed & Breakfast, Blair insists that she and Chuck did nothing wrong. Chuck is no longer sure of what happened and feels guilty. Blair begs Jack to help her: the latter proposes that the two marry because a spouse cannot testify against his spouse. Chuck is against the idea but Blair wants to marry him: she loves him and tries to convince him. He ends up making his request, she accepts immediately.

Gossip girl: how does it end?
Warner Bros. Television

In Manhattan, Lily is back in her building where she is welcomed by William who offers her his condolences. He offers to take her upstairs and rejects a call from Ivy while escorting Lily. Meanwhile, Dan explains his chapter to Serena.

Nate learns that with the death of Bart, he will become the owner of the newspaper Le Spectator and will be able to pay his debts. Blair and Chuck are about to get married in a small town hall but Chuck finally drags her out: he knows that she dreams of a real marriage and that’s not how it should be.

In the lobby of the building where Lily lives, Ivy surprises her on William’s arm, who tells her that he can finally be with his true “love”, Lily. Ivy, enraged, is escorted away by security.


Dan and Serena are still discussing the past but are interrupted by Georgina who asks them to follow her for a special event. Jack meanwhile comes to get Nate and Sage to lead them to this same secret event. The whole gang, including Lily, Dorota, Eleanor and Cyrus reunite: they’re here to celebrate Blair and Chuck’s surprise wedding!

As Blair has put on her pretty wedding dress, she tells Serena her opinion about Dan: he will never belong in their world, a speech that Dan hears. He then decides to give his last chapter – which contains the revelation of the identity of Gossip Girl – to Nate so that he publishes it in his journal.

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Gossip girl: how does it end?
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Under the Angel’s Tunnel, just in front of the Bethesda fountain, Blair and Chuck’s wedding is celebrated by Cyrus: they have to act quickly because Chuck has been spotted. The couple say yes to each other using their iconic line (“3 words, 7 letters”). Here they are married a few seconds before the police arrive to take them away.


Clips show Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Lola Rhodes, Vanessa Abrams, Juliet Sharp, Agnes Andrews, Kristen Bell (yes, the voice of Gossip Girl herself who even winks at the camera) and Rachel Bilson both in their own role , all surprised by the identity of the blogger who seems to have been revealed. Dan’s voiceover then begins to read the last chapter he wrote while numerous flashbacks scroll across the screen. It is revealed that he was Gossip Girl all along.

Gossip girl: how does it end?
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We then find the group shocked at the revelation. Rufus arrives and scolds Dan because he was the one who revealed many intimate things about Jennie – including the fact that she lost her virginity to Chuck! Dan replies that Jenny has known his secret for years and that she asked him: she wanted to leave New York but didn’t have the strength.

Serena defends Dan to everyone, arguing that they really did the things he reported all these years and he was just a messenger after all.

Gossip girl: how does it end?
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Chuck and Blair are back: there is no evidence against them and Bart’s death will therefore be considered an accident. Blair then announces that a wedding reception will take place but specifies to Dan that he is not invited: she knows about it and is not happy. Serena tells her that she felt the same way at first but now she understands. Even Chuck comes to his defense: after all, Dan stopped posting after their accident.

The group then discusses Gossip Girl and each gives their opinion on who they thought she actually was. While everyone seems to forgive Dan, Blair resents him for spreading all those rumors about them. Dan tells her that he’s been a part of their world all this time since he’s been the one pulling all the strings.

Gossip girl: how does it end?
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Serena finally explains that it was all just a kind of “love letter” to them: Dan just wanted to be part of their world and it made her realize that they are his family and that she doesn’t want to. no longer leave. Blair finally declares that they can all move on and grow up: Dan agrees, Gossip Girl is dead anyway.

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The year is 2017. Nate returns to town in a private jet belonging to the Spectator. He is questioned by journalists about a possible campaign for mayor of the city. It is revealed that if he does run, the polls put him on top. He would thus become the youngest mayor in the history of New York. He promises to answer all the questions later and leaves.

Meanwhile, Dorota thanks Blair and Chuck’s son, Henry Bass, for helping her clean their house for a party that’s coming up. Eleanor and Cyrus arrive and the latter compliments Chuck on the look of their new townhouse. Blair walks into the room, ending a phone call which reveals that she has taken over the position of CEO of Waldorf Designs and that success smiles on her.

Gossip girl: how does it end?
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Lily comes down the stairs with Eric telling her that she wasn’t sure that day would come. Jenny is also back and goes upstairs carrying a bag labeled “J for Waldorf”, hinting at a business partnership between her and Blair. Nate also arrives as Rufus greets Lily before sitting down with his new girlfriend, Lisa Loeb.

The cover of the last Spectator is briefly shown: a film based on the autobiography of Ivy Dickens, titled “Ivy League”, starring Olivia Burke and Lola Rhodes is announced. It is also shown that Lily is back with William and Georgina is with Jack.

VSit is now the turn of Dan to appear, dressed in a tuxedo: he is waiting for Serena at the foot of the stairs. The latter goes down and the couple is ready to get married in front of their family and friends.

Gossip girl: how does it end?
Warner Bros. Television

As we let Dan and Serena say yes to each other (without us), the camera pans down to the streets of New York where a new generation of students is en route to their high school.

You may be rid of Dan Humphrey but you’ll never get rid of me”: the voiceover of Gossip Girl is heard. “There will always be someone from outside who wants to come in”: a young man from behind, strongly resembling Dan, is shown arriving in the posh establishment, passing in front of intrigued students and a young blonde girl who smiles at him. And yes, there will always be a gossip girl ready to take over.

Who am I now? It’s a secret I’ll never tell you. Kisses, kisses, Gossip Girl.“End of series.

But Gossip Girl has already reincarnated… Discover the trailer for the reboot of the series below:

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