Googles Coronavirus Site Launches In the United States

Googles Coronavirus Site Launches In the United States

Google has introduced its dedicated website surrounding the coronavirus in the United States. The release comes about a week after President Trump announced that Google was working on a project to help inform people about the virus.

The website, which is online at, includes thorough details on the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. The website is aiming to help people understand the truths about the virus and what they can do to prevent its spread. The goal will be to introduce more sites in the future, including many in other languages for different countries.

googles coronavirus website
googles coronavirus website

Working With Other Agencies

The new website is a project between Google and many agencies to help provide thorough information on coronavirus concerns. The site includes information that comes from various prominent organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Users can find information on COVID-19 resources in their states. Videos and reports on safety and prevention efforts are also on the site. Part of this includes reviewing critical points on travel, sheltering in place, and what one can do at home.

The site will be updated as many other details on the coronavirus come about. The site will also help people learn about many changes surrounding what people can do and any regulations made by local governments.

All information on the Google website is for informative purposes only. People are encouraged to check with their local authorities for additional details. The effort is to note how well the virus is spreading and what people can do to prevent these issues.

Other Versions

The American version of the site will be the first one about the coronavirus to be released. Additional websites are going to come about in the future surrounding details on in many countries. The sites will also come in varying languages for the convenience of foreign users.

Coming Amid Growth

The new Google website comes as the coronavirus situation has erupted throughout the United States. More than a quarter of all Americans have been ordered to stay at home. The request is to prevent the spread of the virus. Many stores and dining spaces have shut down, and just about all sporting and entertainment activities around the country have also closed down. There are also severe restrictions for movement and travel in place in the states of New York, Illinois, and California.

As of March 21, there have been nearly 20,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country. The number is from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Nearly a third of those cases come from the New York City area. There have also been 275 deaths from the virus. Nearly a third are coming from the state of Washington, where one of the earliest outbreaks too place.

The coronavirus situation has also moved over across many parts of Europe. More than four thousand people have died in Italy, a total higher than that of China. Italy has become the second-most impacted country in the pandemic. There have also been more than a thousand deaths in Spain.

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