Google will give employees up to $1,000 to buy work-from-home gear

Google CEO Sundar Pichai


Google will reimburse employees up to $ 1,000 to pay for equipment to help them work from home, CEO Pichai writing to employees Tuesday.

He also explained how the company will slowly reopen its offices, starting with employee turnover in offices at 10% capacity on July 6, and up to around 30% in September. This echoes Pichai’s statements earlier in May.

This decision shows how one of the world’s most popular companies is trying to restore its normal activities after the appearance of the coronavirus, which has killed more than 347,000 people to date and has had an impact on Alphabet’s activities. Google was one of the first companies to ask all employees to work from home and managed expectations throughout the pandemic, informing them at one point that they could not spend on items like food. (to replace free food served in cafeterias) or gym memberships.

“This will give Googlers who have to come back to the office – or, if the capacity allows, who want to come back – the possibility of coming back on a limited and rotating basis (think: one day every two weeks, so around 10% of construction occupation “,” wrote Pichai in the email, which was published on a Google blog.

He also noted that the offices would be different. “We will put in place stringent health and safety measures to ensure compliance with social distancing and disinfection guidelines, so that the office will look and feel different from when you left.”

Managers will tell employees if they must return by June 10, and for all other employees, the return will be voluntary, Pichai wrote. Those who are interested should speak with their managers, he wrote.

It was not immediately clear how the guidelines would apply to Alphabet contractors, who represent a significant part of its overall workforce. A Google spokesperson did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

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