Google: Missing Churchill photo mystery explained

Google: Missing Churchill photo mystery explained

Winston Churchill

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The original photo of the former British Prime Minister showed Winston Churchill looking too young

Google explained why information on search results on Sir Winston Churchill had been missing a photograph for several weeks.

His image has been replaced by a gray silhouette.

He was worried that Google would censor the image following controversy over the former prime minister’s statue, and culture secretary Oliver Dowden contacted the tech giant about it.

Google said the error had occurred when trying to change the photo.

His image was missing from the information box that appears on the right side of searches for his name, and also from the lists put together by Google that presented him, like the British prime ministers.

In a series of tweets, Google explained that in late April it had received criticism that the photograph that had been used, and that it had been automatically selected, was of a young and less recognizable Churchill.

Her human reviewers determined that the image was not “more representative” of the former British prime minister, and blocked it so that the system could automatically replace it with another.

“Normally, the image updates quickly. In this case, a bug in our systems prevented the update of a new representative image,” said Google.

“As a result, Churchill’s entry was missing an image from late April until this weekend, when the problem was brought to our attention and resolved shortly thereafter.”

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United States Library of Congress

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The image has now been replaced with this.

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