Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising tools to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads. In fact, it is estimated that a business makes a profit of $8 for every $1 spent on advertising.

Get Google AdWords Certification

To create better, more powerful ads on Google, it can be helpful to get a Google Ads certification. Additionally, it is a great resume booster.

If you want a Google Ads certificate, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve created a guide that will explain why Google Ads certification is helpful, and how you can prepare and get certified. And if you’re in trouble, jump straight to the information you need.

Free Guide, Template & Planner: How to Use Google Ads for Business

Achieving this demonstrates a strong understanding of the Google advertising platform and can enhance your chances of a career in digital marketing.

Why Get Google Ads Certification?

Years ago when I was applying for work, I interviewed a few dozen people working in the digital marketing industry to learn about their jobs and the application process. Many stressed the importance of obtaining digital marketing certifications, and especially Google Ads certification.

The truth is that many employers search for people with this certification on LinkedIn to find employees for their marketing team. Also, the demand for skilled marketers in Google Ads is high, while the supply of qualified candidates is relatively low.

To find qualified employees, many hiring managers use LinkedIn’s search engine to find anyone with a Google Ads certification as it is one of the few defined qualifications that can show proven knowledge and skills. Certification shows the hiring manager that you have some degree of savvy about the industry.

Additionally, having an understanding of neighboring areas of marketing helps your communication and empathy among team members. Ultimately, having that certification under your tool belt will make you look better to employers.

How to Get Google Adwords Certification

1. Get started with Google Skillshop.

Accessible through Google Skillshop, home to all e-learning courses offered by Google product experts, professionals can access materials to earn this certification.

Log in to your preferred email address, preferably one associated with your LinkedIn or business account, to keep them all in one place.

2. Select Google Ads Certification.

Explore the topics offered by Skillshop or search for “Google Ads” topics.

How to Get Google AdWords Certification: Pick It Up at Skillshop

Click on Google Ads Certification and choose the exact exam you want to take for your career goals. There are a wide range of exams you can choose from but Google also offers the following:

3. Prepare for the exam.

To better prepare yourself, familiarize yourself with the topics, take notes and schedule the time required to read that information.

Google Ads Exam Topics

There are Google Ads certifications for a variety of topics, including video, mobile, display, and shopping ads. The most important version is the search ad test because this is the area that marketers use most frequently on the platform. The second most applicable Google Ads test for marketers is probably the Google Ads Performance Certification.

Google Ads Certification Exam Duration

Each exam has a different time limit, but it usually ranges between 60 minutes to two hours. I have a good idea of ​​how long it actually takes because I’ve been taking the test in a class with a dozen people and I’ve seen how quickly people finish the test. This usually takes 50-75% of the allotted time. A small percentage of people will use it all the time if they are new or focused on learning from each question.

4. Pass the assessment and display your badge.

Google Ads Certification BadgeGoogle Ads Certification Badge

Once you pass the exam, you get a certification badge that you can show on your LinkedIn profile. Adding this badge to your profile increases credibility and makes your profile more search-engine friendly. As mentioned, recruiters look for and care about this certification, so you’ll appear more often when they search.

google adwords test tips

1. Take notes.

Keep printed notes handy so that you can consult them quickly whenever you forget minor details here and there (however, don’t expect to rely on these for the entire exam). These notes will be useful if Google decides to implement restrictive browsing limits for test takers in the future.

2. Plan for plenty of battery.

Make sure your computer is plugged in so that its battery does not drain while you are taking the exam. This tip may seem obvious, but you don’t want to find yourself in that painful situation.

3. Pace yourself while answering.

Take your time for each question. Most people have extra time. Remember – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You will answer multiple choice questions for at least one hour.

4. Practice self-care, pre-test.

Hydrate. Enough Sleep. Some people overlook simple things, like making sure you have enough water and food before an exam, which can affect brain performance. Foods rich in Omega-3 are very good for brain power.

Ultimately, obtaining Google Ads certification is a worthwhile investment for your career growth. Digital marketing employers are looking for valid evidence that you are a cut above entry-level applicants.

5. Do not rush without understanding the subjects.

Although it is possible to pass the exam without understanding many of the concepts, you will end up hurting yourself. Consider the exam a learning process and an opportunity to increase your knowledge and application of PPC terms and methodology as it will help you during job interviews and in your career.

you don’t need to know Everything About Google Ads, because real-world experience can help you learn. But the knowledge you gain in preparing for this exam will help you move forward.

Build Your Knowledge with Google Ads Certification

Consider the Google Ads exam as a learning opportunity rather than a task to check off a list. The change in your mindset will make a huge difference as you will be learning from each question asked, whereas others rush through the exam just to get it over with.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in January 2023 and has since been updated for comprehensiveness.New call-to-action

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