Google acquires Fitbit (US Wearable tech) for $2.1 billion

Google acquires Fitbit (US Wearable tech) for $2.1 billion

In our previous post, we have stated that Google is in talks to purchase Fitbit. Now, Google has officially announced that it’s buying the Fitbit (US famous wearable tech company) for $2.1 billion.

In a blog post, Google has announced the news. Rick Osterloh Google’s SVP of devices and Services has said that “Purchasing Fibit is a special opportunity to invest even more in the modern-day wearable tech. It’s also keen to introduce Google Wearable devices into the market very soon”.

Google acquires fitbit (us wearable tech) for $2. 1 billion
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This news has just come after a report from Reuters, which we have shared in our blog. In our blog, we have shared that Google was in talks with Fitbit to buy out the US 2nd largest fitness tracker company.

In this deal, signed by Google, they have stated that “Fitbit health and wellness data will not be used for Google Ads.” Along with that, Fitbit will join Google itself “this will be similar to the Nest, which has gone into Google now.” Alphabet inc the Google owner, has acquired the Nest smart home company but has left it as a separate division, but this will come under Google’s corporate structure.

Fitbit company has officially announced a separate press release stating that “Company will take its health and fitness data seriously and nothing will be used for Google ads.” They have mainly focused on this issue because there is a known myth that every data Google gets will be used to boost their Google Ads. So, Fitbit has undergone a deal with Google to keep its user’s private data safe and secure.

This acquisition makes sense: As google has spent many years trying to break into the wearable market, but it has been failing to deliver that. Even in recent times, it has collaborated with other tech giants as well to invest in wearable tech. But, now Google has the best chance to compete with other popular wearable tech and make their mark in Wearable industry.

In general, Fitbit’s hardware chops have always been great, so it gives Google a much stronger base and foundation to build their smart wearable tech future. It can also turn the smartwatches into Android-integrated wearable devices similar to the Apple watches.

Google’s strong focus is on fitness tracking, and it would naturally be integrated into Google’s existing fitness apps too. Usually, it offers Google a robust platform to create the perfect alternative for Apple watch’s deep fitness tracking integration with iPhone. Google can create its own deep fitness tracking integration with Android devices.

On the other side of the coin, Google’s software skills are widely supportive for Fitbit products. Google has strong developer support and perfect grip of AI, so its always an essential aspect for Fitbit improvement. Fitbit can try out different versions alongside the best deeper software integration with Android, as well.

Fitbit isn’t only the recent Google’s investment; it has invested into lots of niches. From wearable tech to smart home startups, Google has been in touch with almost everything. This company has also acquired Fossil based smartwatch technology for $40 million as well. Let’s hope google can go reach greater heights with its new collaboration.

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