Goodbye idiots: to whom is Albert Dupontel’s film dedicated?

Released this Wednesday, October 21 in our theaters, “Adieu les cons”, a new feature film directed by Albert Dupontel, is dedicated to one of the members of Monty Python, who passed away in January.

Goodbye idiots: to whom is albert dupontel's film dedicated?
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“To Terry Jones” : It is with these few very sober words, on black card, that Adieu les cons, seventh feature film directed by Albert Dupontel opens. The actor, screenwriter and director is dedicating his new opus to this member of Monty Python who passed away at the age of 77 on January 21, nine months exactly before the film’s release in our theaters, and who was both an idol and a recurring figure in his cinematographic universe.

Terry Jones was the first Monty Python I knew, after the release of Bernie, says indeed Albert Dupontel. “He asked me for a VHS to see the film, then I received two letters from him, telling me that he really liked the film but hadn’t seen it all yet (laughs). His consideration for me did me a lot of good. That the director of Monty Python [il a mis La Vie de Brian en scène, et co-réalisé Sacré Graal et Le Sens de la vie avec Terry Gilliam, ndlr] then come to incarnate God in my second film (The creator) was for me a real achievement. One of my curls was done. I miss his skill, his culture, his kindness, his humor. “

As the director of Adieu les cons explains, their relationship has gone beyond mutual admiration, since Terry Jones has appeared in two of his films: The Creator therefore, but also the very crossed out Locked out where he shares a scene with his friend Terry Gilliam, who can be seen at his side in this extract from the making-of.

Terry Gilliam who, for his part, came back for cameos in 9 months, then this Adieu les cons where Albert Dupontel pays a strong tribute to Brazil, film directed by the member of Monty Python in 1985. When, now, an appearance of the French in front of the Briton’s camera, just to come full circle?

“Goodbye idiots”: Albert Dupontel evokes his influences. Of which “Brazil”:

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