Good Trouble on Disney + Star: 3 things to know about the feel-good series

This Wednesday, August 25, the first episodes of Good Trouble, still unpublished in France, arrive on Disney + Star. The third season will be broadcast on a weekly basis. Before discovering it, 3 things to know about this series!


If the heroines of Good Trouble tell you something, it’s not for nothing: freshly landed on Disney +, this novelty (still unseen in France) is a series derived from the family drama The Fosters, broadcast from 2008 to 2013 and also soon available on the platform!

Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), the two adoptive sisters of the Adams Foster family, have taken off: now settled in Los Angeles, they are launching into working life. The first has landed an assistant position with a renowned judge, while the second, a graduate of MIT, must find her place in a very masculine professional environment.

Good trouble on disney + star: 3 things to know about the feel-good series

Freeform / Richard Cartwright

Good Trouble is obviously also aimed at viewers who are not familiar with The Fosters series. Very successful, it stands out from the main series by adopting a more adult tone and by introducing new characters, which make it possible to tackle with intelligence a variety of very current issues (salary inequalities, eating disorders, mental health, etc.).


Fans of The Fosters will be delighted to hear that several members of the Adams Foster family are coming to visit Callie and Mariana in the spinoff series, starting with their adoptive mothers Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum). Brandon (David Lambert), Jude (Hayden Byerly) and Jesus (Noah Centineo) are also in the game!

Good trouble on disney + star: 3 things to know about the feel-good series

Freeform / Richard Cartwright

Presented in the last episodes of the series The Fosters, the young lawyer Jamie is also present in Good Trouble. Brandon’s brother-in-law, camped by Beau Mirchoff (Awkward), indeed works in Los Angeles.


For Callie and Mariana, this new beginning will be marked by their installation in a community building, a kind of shared apartment which allows to present from the first episode several characters who will quickly gain importance in the series.

Among them, the housekeeper Alice, the mysterious artist Gael or the barmaid and activist Malika, respectively played by Sherry Cola (Claws), Tommy Martinez (Riverdale) and Zuri Adele. The Coterie, the name given to this famous building, also hosts Davia (Emma Hunton) and Dennis (Josh Pence), not to mention the hilarious Kelly (Anastasia Leddick).

Good trouble on disney + star: 3 things to know about the feel-good series

Freeform / Gus & amp; Lo

A new way of life awaits Callie and Mariana, already used to being surrounded by people after growing up in a large family. Quickly find out what new challenges await them in Los Angeles!

The first two seasons of Good Trouble are available on Disney + Star. The third season has been broadcast on a weekly basis on the platform since August 25.

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