Good Sam: the trailer for the new medical series with Sophia Bush (Les Frères Scott) - news series on tv

Good Sam: the trailer for the new medical series with Sophia Bush (Les Frères Scott) – news series on tv

In 2022, Sophia Bush (“The Brothers Scott”, “Chicago Police Department”) will be back on television in “Good Sam”, a new medical series recently commissioned by CBS which she will star opposite Jason Isaacs. Check out the trailer.

While season 2 of Love, Victor, in which she plays the recurring role of Veronica, will arrive in France on June 18 on Disney + Star, Sophia Bush will also soon be the star of a new medical series, Good Sam, whose first images, visible in the player above, were unveiled by the American channel CBS.

Created by Katie Wech (Rizzoli & Isles) and notably produced by Jennie Snyder Urman (Jane The Virgin), Good Sam follows the daily life of Sam Griffith, a talented surgeon who is given the opportunity to embrace her leadership qualities when she is to succeed her renowned and pretentious superior, who has just fallen into a coma.

But when he finally wakes up and decides to operate again, it’s up to Sam to supervise this authoritarian boast who never knew how to recognize his talent. And who happens to be, incidentally, his father. Paul Griffith, who is played by Jason Isaacs (The OA, Star Trek Discovery).

Ramona Diaconescu / CBS

Edwin Hodge (American Nightmare, Chicago Fire), Skye P. Marshall (The New Adventures of Sabrina), Michael Stahl-David (Cloverfield), Davi Santos (Tell Me a Story), Omar Maskati (Unbelievable) and Wendy Crewson (Saving Hope) , October Faction) complete the distribution of this medical series which seems, with its notions of learning, family heritage, or even opposition between generations, to take up some of the ingredients that made the success of Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, or The Resident.

In development since 2019, and finally ordered in series a few days ago by CBS, Good Sam will arrive on the air in the United States during the first half of 2022, the channel having preferred to keep it for the mid-season 2021- 2022. It is one of the few new releases commissioned by CBS for next season, alongside Ghosts, Smallwood, FBI: International, NCIS: Hawaii, and CSI: Vegas, the CSI revival.

Note that Sophia Bush finds thanks to Good Sam her first regular role in a series since leaving the Chicago Police Department in 2017, which was at the time her second major role on television after that of Brooke Davis in The Brothers Scott, the teen drama that revealed her in 2003.

The trailer for Ghosts, another new addition to CBS:

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