Good Doctor on TF1: what awaits you in season 5 on TV

Good Doctor on TF1 what awaits you in season 5

The new season 5 of “Good Doctor” arrives this Wednesday evening on TF1. On this occasion, find out what awaits Doctor Shaun Murphy, his girlfriend Léa and the other doctors at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital in these new episodes.

From this Wednesday, August 31 at 9:10 p.m., TF1 is broadcasting the new unreleased season of good doctorwhich continues to tell the adventures of doctor Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) with Asperger’s Syndrome at San José St. Bonaventure Hospital.

Season 4 of the series ended last November on the channel with several significant events: Léa’s marriage proposal (paige spara) to Shaun, the formalization of the Morgan couple (Fiona Gubelmann) and Alex (Will Yun Lee), and the unexpected departure of Doctor Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas), who had decided to stay in Guatemala after a humanitarian mission.

On the occasion of the launch of season 5 on TF1, find out what awaits you in the next episodes of Good Doctor.


A huge change awaits St Bonaventure Hospital! The medical facility was purchased by Salen Morrison (Rachel Bay Jones) who will make a very remarkable arrival by pretending to be a patient. She will also make several changes shortly after taking office – which will largely upset the doctors – in an effort to increase profits.

The death of a baby, the real causes of which Morrison’s company will try to hide, will quickly become the last straw for the doctors at the hospital. As a result, Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) will embark on a crusade against the new director who, in return, will not hesitate to demote her from her position as chief of surgery.

The beginning of a war between Salen Morrison and the staff of the hospital which will not stop there…


At the same time, the preparations for their wedding will make life difficult for Shaun and Léa. The young woman will put heavy pressure on her shoulders to prepare for their engagement party. Shaun will therefore offer to prepare the wedding in equal parts so that everything goes as well as possible.

However, compiling the guest list will soon confront the couple with new problems. Shaun indeed wants to invite his mother to their wedding, but Léa doesn’t think it’s a good idea since they haven’t seen each other since her father’s death and their stormy reunion.

At the hospital, things are not much easier for Shaun during the first episodes of season 5. The new director decides to set up a doctor rating system and places doctor Murphy in the last position, by based on patient feedback. Shaun being very touched by this news, his girlfriend will modify the other notices by computer to increase the “newsletter” of her future husband. A maneuver that will not please Murphy who will thus question their relationship.

Will the situation get better before the big day for the two lovebirds?


After her departure from the series during the last episode of season 4, Doctor Claire Browne makes an emotional return in Good Doctor! Indeed, the young woman appears from episode 16, when she surprises Léa and Shaun during their bachelor and bachelorette party.

Claire makes a very remarkable entrance since she sings “I’ll be missing you” by Faith Evans and Puff Daddy, a very strong message for those she left for several months. And she does not return empty-handed from Guatemala, having brought with her a young patient who suffers from brain cancer.


As usual, Good Doctor will once again offer us an end to the season rich in twists and turns.

Indeed, two characters will find themselves between life and death after being stabbed. Who is it ? And should we expect to say goodbye to new members of the main cast of the series?

To find out, you will have to wait until season 6, which has already been ordered by the American channel ABC. But which should not be broadcast on TF1 before the fall of 2023.

Find Good Doctor on Wednesday evening at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 and in replay on Salto. The entire first four seasons are available on Salto, Prime Video and Netflix.

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